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Off topic but anyone keeping an eye out for Little Devil Inside? Looks like an enjoyable game. Hoping it releases soon.

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Never tried Dead Space 2... Finished the original. Wonder if it is worth playing this late as it may feel dated...

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Michael Scott: "That's what she said"

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Change the game up and sell it to people like me who skipped it for years because the gameplay never changed. Then, after we buy it, they change it back?! This i frustrating. I wouldn't mind tweaking the footstep volume down a bit but I really like the fresh gameplay. This is listed as a rumor, I hope it is not true.

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Would love the PRO version of PS5 to be true. $500 for regular and $700 for pro. I would go with a higher end if possible.

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Gave up on this game months ago. Such a shortage of content. I would rather pay for guaranteed maps instead of this slow roll over years. Not enough weapons/gadgets either. No mortars, no flamethrowers. I liked the cover building mechanics. I think, if they were focused on making the game fun instead of focusing on MTX, they could have done SO GREAT. It's too bad, I love WW2.

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The fact that so many people are expecting, and seem okay with, $499, I expect it to be $599. Either way, I hope to PS5 PRO rumor is true and released at launch.

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I'm frustrated to miss out on online BF gaming for most of 2 years since I hardly played this, But what frustrates me more is that this was their go at WW2. I am not going back a year from now. They already failed and now I don't get a good modern day WW2 BF.

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I would be excited to hear they are adding VR support...

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Hope it supports VR. RE7 is why I bought my VR.

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After F5, no more pre-orders for me from EA. I expect worse from them next gen.

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Wish Stardew Valley had it.

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I bought a Switch a year after I got my daughter one. I downloaded Minecraft and after laying co-op with her for 5 minutes, both of our Left Joycon shoulder L buttons stopped working simultaneously. Tried everything. Had to send them both in for repair. Mine under warranty, hers almost the cost of a brand new one. BS...

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Agreed. I must admit that I sometimes hate having to get up to swap discs but I ALWAYS buy physical when it is an option. I fear that too many people will lean towards convenience and ignore the inevitable future that it will bring.

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I HATED fighting shadows. Terrible game.

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Same reason I got Youtube TV until they recently increased it from $40 to $50 due to adding Discovery and HGTV. A 25% increase for adding channels I don't watch. Now I don't have anything but an antenna for local channels.

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I couldn't figure out how to beat the giant robot in the beginning... I must have heard "I think it's working" a thousand times.

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Just bought PSVR. Excited to get the AIM controller and try these games out!

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