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Storyline wise, looks like he is.

Going by the new lore, the upcoming games will deal with the Blue and Red Umbrella War, with Chris representing Blue guys. With this info, No reason to believe he isn't the Older Chris Capcom is pushing through the DLC.

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Nothing other than the slogan "The Force is strong with Playstation".

Devs made it pretty clear that there will be no "content exclusive"

And early access to the game will be reserved for EA Access subscribers a week prior, while Deluxe owners on all platforms get 3 days early access.

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This comment here is exactly what I meant. What the hell are mods doing?

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While I would have believed it was the announcements from Halowaypoint at first, seeing the ODST voice actors together again leads me to believe there is something else left to be announced. Tomorrow RTX will hopefully bring in the news.

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I apologise for my English grammar. I am quite happy for the DLC being free, as I have friends who own Halo Reach and Halo 4 but were never able to acquire the DLC.

Will make for some awesome throwback days.

Also, I disagree entirely with your other comments. Please inform yourself about the Xbox "Rock solid" frame rate.

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Okay, lots of unexpected announcements here.

Backward Compatible Full Catalog of 360 Halo games with all DLC made free. No doubt now once original Xbox Backward Compatibility comes, Halo 1 and Halo 2 will also become playable.

True 4k Halo 5 was also a type of announcement I expected on Gamescom or RTX.

Best of all is the Halo 3 Anniversary playlist being made for Halo 5. Can't wait to see all those maps being made for H5.

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You guys are sounding like literal Batman villains. Foreign competition does good for the industry.

Microsoft and Nintendo understand their markets and are willing to cooperate, I expect more fruits from such understanding when it comes to the Japanese markets.

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I must say I completly agree with your off-topic sentiment. I was mostly a hardcore lurker on this site, but the past few months the fanboy trolling on most exclusives games have become ridiculous. If it it keeps the way it has gone, I might stop coming here altogether. Civil Discussion is rare.

On the subject of the game itself, this guys already have my money. Looking foward to playing this with my mates.

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If Marvel won't crossover their own franchise like in MvC: I, believing they would crossover with DC is miles more(ales) unlikely.

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I don't like this type of reviews. They criticize how the game was made from day 1 believing they know how to do better.

They don't review the game for what is, but what could it have been. I see no point in doing this.

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I believed this was pretty clear on the Xbox presentation at E3.

One of their games without "Launch", simply "Console Exclusive".

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I would not rather see them return to any 1950s behavior. Not my point, not my intended meaning. I apologize if my english is too difficult for you to understand, I do try.

Everyone has their own issues. Mexico has had trouble mantaining the balance between a known culture that we take pride of, and increasing knowledge of our technological and current culture.

Nintendo taking this approach to us makes me very happy, now more than ever since we lost other...

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As a Mexican, I would appreciate if white ladies would stop "defending" my culture.

A lot of us believe it's cool for people to learn about traditions we love, sombrero and fiestas at the top of it.

This people have already taken Speedy away from us, they should not take Mario with a Sombrero too.

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They started cross play on their own. That's the entire reason this article exists. Sony is refusing.

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Switch is their biggest competitor on Japan. Sony is willing with PC thanks to their own history, but going by Jim Ryan's comments, that would no longer be the case if they could afford it.

It will be an uphill battle for PS4 owners to get cross-play with ANY Nintendo and Microsoft platform.

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I recommend doing this just for the digital license. And the other 2 free games, plus the bonus DLCs.

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That's a Galaxy of Heroes screenshot...

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I wonder why the game would use a Clone Trooper straight out of the Clone Wars TV series. Or use the wrong selected weapon for the class type.

Just kidding, clear photoshop.

Now, that making of video is the real thing.

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Now you sir, speak with the voice of reason.

Parity among Xbox One Users or the deal they have with Sony are the most likely factors on it not running 60fps on Scorpio.

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Sure... I mean, let's use the literal phrase meaning, and entirely disregard the developers. Such "misleading" headlines.

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