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9.5 for me (played on mix of One X and PC—mostly Pc).

Ran into a couple minor bugs and one larger one—not game breaking but larger one was kind of stupid (one section in a secret area had graphical issues of not loading all of its art assets). Some minor hitches here and there on Pc in about 3-4 areas (game was acting like loading an area in, like some old games used to do now and again).

Other than that, it played phenomenally 99.9% of the time for me a...

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Why would they show new games this early though? It’s a tech breakdown, not a full reveal show.

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Mass Effect had a beginning and end to its arc, with it being about Saren himself primarily. So it’s much different than if they quit halfway through that story and then sold it to you for $60 still.

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Think EA has gone on record saying no new battlefield for 1-2 years. They’ll just be doing dlc until then.

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Darksiders was pretty fun imo.

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Not bad for something that was on the backburner, and that I won’t have to buy due to GP.

I enjoyed the beta enough to give it a go between bigger games, which is the main appeal for 90% of GP titles. Wouldn’t have played it otherwise though.

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Happy little transistors?

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Andromeda was good—just too bad the others were Amazing. It’s sort of the DA2 of ME in that way, but with more issues.

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I think management is fine, it’s just corporate level management isn’t some easy fix. Especially if it’s been floundering for a while (360 had major hardware issues initially and a definite drop in games the last couple years, which sort of bled into this one actually).

A retailer or other local business might see important changes in months, maybe even weeks if lucky, but game development is a multi-year investment for a single game That’s 2-3 years just to see if the f...

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Actors do Indie films between big movies, so if he can give them an interesting enough project then he’d do fine. But it’s not like he needs Hollywood actors imo. It’s just DS had a ton.

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Everwild atm is just “early in development”, according to the reveal quote I believe. So I’m not expecting it until next year or later. Granted it will be close to a year of extra Dev time from announcement to console release too... but still think 2021.

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It’s Ubisoft, it will probably become a franchise unless it’s a total flop ;)

I like the idea though and think it’s going to be something like Ubisoft’s BotW or some such. Not the same or anything, but likely a more family friendly open world game than any of their others have been.

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I’d argue otherwise, but whatever.

I’d equate it more to Mario, Yoshi, Luigi’s Mansion, etc than straight up Mario-Mario-Mario. So for me once a game deviates completely from both the source gameplay and even genre then it’s a new franchise/series/ip when it comes to considering it as it’s own game identity. God of War however would just be part of the original for me since it’s simply an evolution of Action over a complete genre change.

But to each the...

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As far as I know, Godfall is PS5/PC exclusive (epic game store specifically). I’ve heard rumors about it possibly being timed though, but not sure if it’s Epic Game Store, PS5, or both.

It’s just as possible that if it’s timed exclusive, it might be PS5 only but then it can also go to Steam (like many Epic Store timed exclusives do). No Xbox that way... or maybe it opens up to everything in a year.

Or it’s only a rumor of course and doesn’t go anywhere ...

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If Godfall is good, it might. I just think it’s way, way to soon for anyone to call it franchise material with as little as we’ve seen. I think it was just added because it needed a #5 and is the only confirmed new IP for next gen too.

Same for Gods and Monsters since it only has a single trailer. But I’m hopeful for both titles.

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Just saying, Crossfire X is confirmed as Xbox first for consoles and not exclusive. So it’s not an Xbox ip anyways.

Bleeding Edge is more of a gaas type of thing and not likely sequel material imo. Grounded is the same, but likely even more niche.

Further down: Hellblade wasn’t a 2020 game and even if HB2 was, its moot since it’s not the start of said franchise (which is what the article is about).

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Gears Tactics, Bleeding Edge and Grounded are the only new Ms Ips that are planned to come out this year (that we know of). Of those, 2 are likely gaas titles. Everything else are already franchises.

Gears Tactics if Good has potential though. AAA Tactics games are few and far between after all.

Not sure if I’d really go so far to say Godfall is franchise material yet either, although I like it more than how some seem to. It’s literally just a cinemat...

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Be interesting if Mara was almost like a “what if”—where Mara is her real persona but Senua was her disassociated identity/coping mechanism.

I’m not exactly expecting anything like that, but would be an interesting twist.

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In the larger vdoc they mention how they have 120 employees and are focused on multiple smaller but high quality projects.

Hellblade 2 for example only has twice the number of people on it as the original (no set number given, but 40-50 most likely). No clue what Mara or Bleeding Edge team sizes are, but assuming something between Hellblade and Hellblade 2 (20-40 max).

So NT could very well have 1 or even 2 other projects in the works if they’re 20 man t...

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A temporary one anyways, unless third party pushes a next gen game for them first. But next gen games from third party are already rather few and far between for 1-2 years anyways—and this could make that even more true.

I’m still buying a Series X because long term it will be what most want want from next gen—a true next gen console. Until then, I’ll treat it like I do my Pro/X or even pc gpu. I enjoyed having them as well.

But no denying that I was e...

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