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Where can we pre-order this?

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I knew there was a reason I hadn't played any of these yet ;).

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Gems of War is a fantastic game. I mainly play it on my phone, but I linked my account so I can go back and forth. It is made by the guys behind PuzzleQuest.

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Jak for me, all the way. I very much enjoyed the other two as well though.

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This would be the perfect game for cross-play! And then, whenever I saw any fan boys arguing online, I could just be like, "Guys, just go resolve this in Titanfall, k?"

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I say this every year too haha!!

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I am so excited for this game. Fantastic art, open world, a bound to be great story. After talking with Hajime Tabata and Mat Kishimoto at PAX Prime and seeing how much they care about the game (and what long-time fans of FF think) it really got me excited for what is to come.

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What a great month!!! I own three out of the four, but no matter whether or not you own them, you have to admit these are all pretty fun and lengthy games! Awesomeness.

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I still consider VR to be more a novelty and something fun to do...but only every once in a while. When I think "VR" I think of something fun to do at the arcade, not something I want to play in my home everyday.

I have no interest in this new "VR" trend, but that is just me. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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I am hoping this means that we will get an announcement about TWAU season 2 soon. I am dying to learn more!

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I got the Telltale bundle on sale a few months ago, and used my Bing rewards points to get it. I didn't even have to spend a dollar! Thanks Microsoft. For those who haven't played the Wolf Among Us Yet, you truly are in for a treat :).

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*cough* Jak and Daxter *cough*

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I love my Kinect, I just wish there were more games for it. At this point, Microsoft has definitely pulled any support for the device. Kung Fu: High Impact and Disneyland Adventures were two of my favorite games from the 360 generation. It is just a fun tool for when you want to get up and move and do something different with your system.

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My friends love playing Diablo on their PC's, and I love the PC community, but I prefer to play it on my Xbox One. Cross play would solve all my problems!!

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Just going to point out that Phantom Dust is not officially canceled. Phil Spencer just did an article where he talked about how much he loved the original, and is excited for the reboot. Considering that it is stuck in development hell, it most likely will be canceled, but you never know. It could pull a Last Guardian and just be randomly revived out of nowhere hehe.

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It was going to be a free to play game, so I never considered it a AAA game. I think Microsoft just pushed it rather largely in the advertisements because it was one of the company's only fantasy-based first-party games, so it drew in a whole new audience. I played the beta for over a year. It was fun, but not great.

Pretty sure practically NOBODY bought the Xbox One for this game alone hah.

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No, no they weren't. I am an Xbox owner and was a part of the beta for over a year. It was fun, but got boring pretty fast. It wasn't a bad game, but it wasn't a good one either. Just mediocre. Definitely not "praise" worthy.

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That is really nice of them!

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I get what you're saying. I was part of the Fable Legends beta for over a year, but only played it a handful of times. It was fun, sure, but got boring pretty quickly.

I hope that Microsoft is realizing that while people love franchises, some get to the point where they should just be done. Fable should have been done after the Fable 3 flop, and maybe Microsoft finally realized this. Hopefully, this will allow certain franchises to retire gracefully in the future.

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I must be picking the right times to play because I haven't experienced a shortage once. I do not think anyone deserves compensation for a few hours of downtime, however if it has been going on for some users for almost a month, than that is a whole different story.

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