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speculation is market...

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Just What The Hell Is Sony Doing With PS Plus?
A lots of money...

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What gameplay ?

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This article is so, so, bahh
Today everybody wants 15 minutes of fame, this one is over.

Is this an article ???? where is real game press ?

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Oh Yeahhh baby, bring it on :PPP
In 1.40 minutes, five people asked for the pre-reservation of their PS4 in a Store. This will be great

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ohhh nooo, it's over 9000...

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X1 will sell well in Europe, but believe me, Europe is Sony Land.

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Oh, the american way for reviews... always the same. The problem is, that even in Europe the game sites are starting to translate the american and not work hard to give a score bases on a game that was played, but instead by a grade it was given...

Is it so hard to try, to think, to feel ? I missed old ages, of magazines like CVG, Joystick (french), Micromania (Spanish). Believe, those were the days. Now it's all about console wars and money.

by The way,...

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This game sucks. Played BF4 first and this one is really static in terms of environment, compared to it, which is really additive and funny.

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Truly amazing.

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Great Game. Played the other two and one thing is for sure. This is a more mature and more difficult than the last games.

Day one Buy for me.

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You are all wrong. He didn't forgot that. The true is, he didn't want it :P

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Someone should play with girls instead of cracking systems...

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Never used the other OS feature so don't care about the changes. I use the console to play games, see movies, listen music and see pictures. If i want to install a OS i use a Computer...

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Regarding Car or Racing Games, there isn't any game yet and for many years on pair to GT Series. This fifth launch will prove it. Best Racing Game around that puts the competition Miles away. No Doubt about that.

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You are right

I forgot to mention that. Also very, very oriented American list. I can bet a lot of people don't know what the TIVO is.

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How limited the people that gave us that information is.

Xbox 360, one of the 10 gadgets of the decade. Where is PS2 ?? All time big changer in the game market. Big time game innovator ( Eye Toy, New redefinition of games like GOW, GT Series, etc... ) Big time System Seller, DVD Player ( Yes, I also used it as a player ), and many other things, and those guys see Xbox 360 as one of top 1o Gadgets in this decade ?

I'm aware of wh...

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If they remake FFVII, and make it a Sony Exclusive, it would be to cherry on the top of a Big Cake for 2010 for PS3. Definitively a turn up in this so called Console War.

I would buy it in Day 1. I remember playing the PS1 hit and at that time ( When I bought my PS1 ) me and my brother played for about 7 hours straight, and in the end I had to restart it all again cause I have not bought a Memory Card. LOLLLLLLLL Great Times, Great Days.

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Really nice to see like small companies can have a share in this market. This game is really fun, addictive and great, like a game must be. Recommend to buy. A+++++

This have all the necessary things in the old school concept of games.

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Only in America, the land of "Dreams"...

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