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Well this is a pleasant surprise although I do wish this got an anime or a full console release. Any kind of notice will hopefully lead to something much grander. Loved the web novel and the graphic novel one as well.

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Been pumped my order should be here on the 22nd(US). Looking forward to Resident Evil Village(held off playing it I knew they would make it VR before they even announced it), GT7, and Horizon.

Also looking forward to getting back into Walking Dead Saints and Sinners.

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Well not really remember ps5 kraken compression is suppose to do well with lowering file size, I believe up to 50%. So in theory it could've been similar in size.

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If Cyberpunk taught us anything...Can't blame them for pulling the plug.

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Only game I beat this year so far. Matter fact first game I beat in some time. I would really enjoy if they made a 2. Way better handled game than avenger’s.

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My Co-op crew on PS5 so we should be good. But this would be a bummer if not. Considering the dev cycle you would of thought this would be included on launch day at least on the cross-gen scale.

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Got 2 PS5 disc and 2 Series X in my house so I can say it sold even in my home

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I would agree if this was a smaller company this is Activision and Blizzard with games like Call of Duty being released yearly with constant updates that SHOULD be tested before available to the public. As well as version of games for multiple systems PS4/5, Xbox One/Series, Switch, Stadia, Mobile. Call of Duty alone justifies that testers need to be around all year. But they also have Heartstone and World of Warcraft.

Not to mention other games within the last year that go...

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Very impressed with this Halo rollout. From themes, controller, console, F2P multiplayer, etc glad this game was delayed instead of releasing with the Series console the extra polish goes a lot further.

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Will buy this once it hits $19.99 or lower

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Considering a good chunk of Nintendo's demographics are parents who switches for their kid. I can't see them paying more for Nintendo online since the base package still exist. Also those kids really don't hit the nostalgia factor adults like us the Genesis and N64 are aimed for.

Also since it seems like most adults say f this they are not paying for the upcharge. I wonder who this was really aimed at.

I would love to see their survey panels ...

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I loved all these original games when they came out. However I have moved on. I want the same feeling I had when these games came out and by that I mean I WANT MORE NEW ORIGINAL GAMES FROM ROCKSTAR.

Remasters and Remakes have their audience, but the excitement of a new game or legit sequel has always been the draw from Rockstar.

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Which heat sink did you buy? What’s a reasonable price to pay for one?

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Considering the Greek came to Africa numerous times to learn science and math it probably isn't that farfetched that Africans relocated to Greek so Kratos could very well be black with how often that FAKE god Zeus loved to get around. It's almost amazing how white wash history is since most knowledge of science and math is attributed to Greek and Romans even in actuality it's one of the many stolen jewels from Africa. In this case knowledge.

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Kind of crazy this is even a thing. I mean seriously if they wanted to keep it all white you wouldn't even have the iconic voices from either of the Kratos actors. Just let it be, keep it moving other more important things to care about.

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Guess it's the same people that was mad about Idris Elba being Heimdall.

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Yea I know but you shouldn’t have to do anything extra it should be native. The Xbox Series X should not have the same capabilities as the Xbox One even the Ps4 has a better recording capabilities

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Can we get a better game dvr my ps5 can capture up to a hour of my gameplay natively and I can choose a plethora of times on the fly but the worlds most powerful console can only capture 2 mins. And I wish the dvr would capture the game chat audio hearing my reaction or my friends reaction in games is a big plus

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Bought Ghost runner and have been enjoying it. However I did stop playing it once I heard about the next gen update. Hopefully my reflexes will be just as fast when I return to it.

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Wish they allowed for captures to be shared to the ps plus cloud like Xbox allows captures. It's super easy to share screenshots and videos with my friends with Xbox app on my phone. YouTube/Twitter is nice and all but not every capture I want to be associated with my Twitter feed or YouTube channel.

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