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According to wikipedia, Horizon Zero Dawn has sold over 24 million copies. As of May of last year, Forbidden West has sold over 8 million. But yeah, nobody seems to know what Horizon is. Yep.

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Except Embracer had their earnings report literally two or three days ago, and they still list the game in active development. Anyone can literally google that. There are games they had announced as in development that are not listed there anymore. When asked directly about the game, they said "No comment." I honestly think that until we hear an official announcement, we should take everything with a grain of salt, good and bad. Jeff Grubb isn't always right about everything. ...

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What exactly did Embracer Group do with any of these studios they bought besides... lay a bunch of people off, closed down studios, and have almost zero games to show for it? What was the point of gobbling up all that IP if you weren't going to do anything with much of it? Is it just a case of "We have more money than God, so we can buy whatever we want!"? It doesn't seem like it's paying off very well for them now. Whoever's in charge over there might need to... not...

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So the wording (and probably translation) is a bit misleading. Nowhere in the article does it actually say the KH team helped in the development of FFXVI. What he said was more along the lines of the combat in the KH series helped INFORM the combat of FFXVI, but not that anyone from those teams actively helped in the making of the new FF. It was more like the FFXVI looked at those games, took inspiration from them, and applied what they learned from the new game. Yoshi P pretty much said the ...

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It's not a lootbox if you know exactly what you're paying for. As far as AC games go, you always know. Lootbox means you're gambling because you don't know what you're paying for. You see cosmetic skins in AC, you know exactly what you're going to get. I'm not saying they shouldn't have better business practices, because they absolutely should. But people act like they can't complete an AC game without paying additional money, and that's absolutely not...

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I'm thinking they're going to do away with some of the backtracking in the OG. Remember when you had to find the key to Temple of the Ancients, and it ended up that the owner of the Gold Saucer had it, so you have to go back to the Gold Saucer, and then you spend the night there? I'm thinking the first visit to the Saucer and getting the key will all be done in one fell swoop. Plus if we're going to get Cid, Vincent, and Cait Sith in the party, it would kind of suck to play a ...

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Animations still look a bit stiff, but I'm not exactly against trying it. I think I'll wait to see what some others think first before I pull the trigger on it. The VP games were two I always wanted to try, but never did for one reason or anything. And apparently VP Lenneth comes with the Deluxe version of this game, which hopefully means it'll also be available to just purchase as a stand-alone down the line if I don't end up getting this.

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Please explain how the team that made this game has "flop" written all over it? Have you actually played the FFXIV expansions? There's nothing bad about this game design unless you abhor action games, because it just looks like an action game ala Devil May Cry. It might not be your cup of tea, buttercup, but there's been nothing shown that point to it being a bad game yet. At all.

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Yeah, totally. Except for the fact that it doesn't look like 15 at all, unless you think every action RPG looks the same? This looks more like newer Devil May Cry games that FF15.

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Well, the Definitive Edition WASN'T supposed to be a remake, so the comparison is silly. It was a remaster, which meant it was still going to be the original PS2-era looking game. What it wasn't supposed to be was a broken mess with textures pulled straight from the mobile versions with a bunch of songs missing because of expired licensing deals.

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Telltale aren't making this though. And as far as I'm aware, Telltale are only making Wolf Among Us 2 and The Expanse. Am I forgetting one? Wolf Among Us isn't out til next year, too, and The Expanse is probably beyond that. Now if they were doing another Walking Dead, Batman, Game of Thrones, Minecraft, and Guardians all within a few years... then I'd be worried.

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This isn't really indicative of how hard the game is, even though Godrick is really hard. Most gamers drop games quickly and move on to something else. Look at how many people actually finish games now? We can see the stats. Not many.

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No. It's almost March. It would've been announced by now, guys. Expect a fall release. September through November.

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I've seen some folks mention Xenogears, and while I love the idea of them going back and remastering it, remaking it in an HD 2D style would take some effort since only the character sprites were 2D. Everything else was in PS1 blocky 3D that you could fully rotate around. They simply wouldn't take Xenogears and make it look like Octopath. But if someone over at Square Enix wants to do it, I really REALLY hope they do.

Still, I do think if we get a Chrono Trigger r...

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Man, I'm really glad that Bethesda forced them to change the spelling of "prey" in their title, otherwise I would've TOTALLY mistaken this game for the 2017 game Prey! They totally look and play so similarly...


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If you're referring to datamining, not necessarily. Releasing anything on the console doesn't stop hackers from getting that information, as was the case from Final Fantasy VII Remake. That demo was only released on the PS4, and people managed to grab story related content from it that happened at the end of the game.

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And how were they not bad looking before? The PS2 characters models were always exaggerated, slightly grotesque versions of actual humans. These just look like more exaggerated versions of those characters. What did you want? Realistic models? That would ruin the tone of those games.

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I think he knows it, too, which also makes him... kinda likable? Because he doesn't seem like a bad person at all. I'm sure he'd be the first one to admit he's up his own ass sometimes, and he can also be a huge dork (I've seen him on enough podcasts to realize that, and watched him on his Retro Replay channel before he left after him and Nolan North had a falling out or whatever).

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It's not a rumor when Sony Japan literally uploaded the wrong photo to their website. The annoucement is inevitable. I'm just surprised this article is news. Until it's made "official," of course Bluepoint isn't going to add fuel to the fire.

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Less so in the 360/PS3 era, practically non-existent before that. Obviously there are some exceptions to that, but now companies can release their games that then require a 15gb day one patch. I'm actually shocked when I put a new disc in my PS4, it installs, and... that's it. As shitty as FFVIIR's textures were sometimes and should've definitely been fixed for the PS4, the fact that the game had no major updates to fix some major bugs was unbelievable.

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