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this is the best way to get into these types of games....
if its good, you will stay, play and enjoy...

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these articles are a complete joke..

you get what you pay for..

I am a PC gamer and my rig cost more than my PS3 and 360 and I can do more with the PC

its the best of both worlds comparing the 2 is like comparing my Honda with a bmw

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beta is fun....
it you dont want to play coop, dont bother... its team based game
played very well, but you know when a slow dsl user gets on
got to make the fonts bigger though...

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ign... to bad were a good site turned into media hos.... for ALL their stuff..not just negative PS3

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in the beta and its so much fun when you play together....
dont play if you dont wanna play as a team....

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not a ringing endorsement... we will all see in time... if it suprised him....hmmm

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so he has higher standards... good...
reviews dont agree...
nothing new here .. the game will sell many will enjoy it.
I will wait to play SP when the price drops to 40 bucks or less in a couple of weeks after release
move on

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buy games at BB... 30 day price match via phone or store.. rewards...
no hassle

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I play games for entertainment not to do stupid things like fb, tweeter...

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dugh... PC is in a diff league than consoles... it costs more, upgradeable overtime.
consoles are great for what they do, but cant compete with a high end PC
you get what you pay for and comparing the 2 is like comparing the BMW with my honda

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lol.... how do some consider themselves gamers... this was so obvious from day one.
not a big deal.. it will work with games on release than you decide how much of beast you want to have by adding mem..

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there is no need to make a statement like this IF the games are the same..

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to bad there was not an optional I suck mode.. I would have bought the game....

sales lost

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lol... heck no... games fit into my life... not the other way around..

only time I would do this is for launch hardware and that is an extreme

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journalism like this dont matter.

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I play for CoOP and fun..
dont have the time or patience to play with 10 yrs olds who play 5 hrs every day
playing Madden Team Play with headsets and having a BLAST
frig those FPS loser campers looking for records.

L4D was so much fun but 2 wks it got stale same as Dead Isle...

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stopped buying games on release.. why toss away 20 bucks.. online games are broken and take a patch to fix a week later.
games go on sale like this within 2 weeks.
so wait 1 or 2 weeks or buy at BB for 30 day price match
gamers need to be smarter and stop letting this developers hose them on day 1
I play games for fun, not to be ripped off

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sorry author your opinion is worth as much as the way you write 0
fail try again..
both are gonna be enjoyed by me and not your myopic opinon

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I have purchased Madden every year since 56K days playing online...
incremental improvements and flaws still makes this the game which is played more often and on off line.
this years game even with the above we are having a blast with

madden, COD all milked franchise.. buy play enjoy or just stop whinning

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common sense... PS3 game lineup is so pumped up between new and old AAA releases over the next few months.

ppst... times are hard better sales next year...

ie: Dexs X 35 bucks on sale this week, just shows you why buy a game the first weeek, 2 weeks later save 20 bucks

common sense

more time to fine tune games on Vita

common sense...

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