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Nintendo didn’t make Thai game so no they do it cus these companies are lazy.

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Greedy ways? But ur too cheap to not steal a game you enjoy pathetic excuse for u stealing and pirating new games. Ur the reason why we ain’t getting no trilogy Cus think of u can sell 3 games and get different sales per game vs one single game that ppl are gona steal anyways and lose more money. Lol u call it greedy XD

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This just kinda says to
Get both Sony and Nintendo
As it shows they both got good stuff to play

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No more hero’s was 60fps for the main parts of the gaMe. It’s gona look the same

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Golden sun is better then Pokémon so i dono

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Hey at least I can play this game offline unlike gt7

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I agree with u 100% was hyped for whicher got it on the switch but then realize after 20 plus hours all was doing was following siris fart sent drone one stank trail to the next to be told she’s at another locations to then control her for a bit and repeat I gave up and sold the game. Ware is this great story? Ppl spoke of cus if it took over and hour to get ppl interested in the plot it failed. 4 out of 10 for me. What gives with the constant 90 mph winds? Pushing those red woods around yet ...

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Um ps5 are not on sales floors cus the scalpers but up all the stock. Regardless of gamers unable to get them it’s not like ppl aren’t getting them granted scalpers own about 65% of the ps5 that are sold. A sale is a sale. So trying to attack xbox fans is kinda weird. Lol who cares about sales unless u work for the company. If not just play what u like and stop worrying what other grown people do with there money.

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Nintendo is the worst company of all time Dono why any one would buy a Nintendo switch playgaystation is the best system of all time

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The frame drops are over blown up I hardly had any issues with the frame rate a few dips that’s it split screen suffers a whole lot though

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Nah Metroid was better to me. Played both doubt you did.

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Yeah but Metroid. Was a better game though I Dono how clack got no rewards as it was a great game. Always has been same with jack and baxster waiting for that game to rise from the dead

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I disliked that game. Everything looked the same so I stoped playing

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