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This news is inaccurate.

The banned games listed were banned upon their release for inclusion of sexually explicit material, and this has nothing to do with Blue Whale, or the suicides.

They correlated the two topics together and it is completely baseless.

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Actually, the location and setting of the new game is not confirmed.

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One question...

Why is it ok when Naughty Dog, or Nintendo announce a Season Pass for Uncharted, and Zelda respectively, but not ok for Ubisoft when they announce one that is promising new levels, and story content to an anticipated title?

And it is just 20$. What is wrong with long term support of a title?

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It was my Game of the Year 2015.

Absolutely loved it.

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This has been confirmed to be false.

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This is purely a different time of day. One is during the night, and one is during sun rise.

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Wait a second, he later replied to a tweet saying that it was the S and not the original One.

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Okay. That is cool.

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That, or the remake/remaster of Crash has to support VR.
Playroom VR is one of the best VR compilations for PSVR, and it is absolutely free.

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Dammit. I hate it when a studio goes under, and they had immense talent.

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Female Lebanese soldier at 2:13 FTW!

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Anyone else notice the lebanese flag?

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Really happy Evo Studios found a new home. Cannot wait to see what they in store.

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Fucking click bait headlines.

She talked on her own behalf, neither that of her ex-employer (Ubisoft), nor her current one (EA).

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My gut tells me its Edith Filch

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He is not Altair.

He is Callum Lynch in the present day, and Aguilar in the 15th century.

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The movie exists in the universe of the games.

They even admit that. So Altair and Ezio exist, and so do Desmond and the rest of the present day crew.

I do believe this is an excellent way to tackle the game to movie transition, which will make it nice and fresh to gamers and film goers.

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Don't forget MGS V for September

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There is a gaming Academy in Abu Dhabi that is in collaboration with Ubisoft.

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Don't worry, it is fake.

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