Appreciating the new N4G


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By their main (burbank) studio... The north carolina studio is working on something else... So i guess that is a minimum of three games being developed at the same time...
1. R3
2. EA Game
3. NC Game
The more Insomniac Games games the better!!! =D

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Pretty nice, but i have two main gripes...
1. Cross game chatting should be included in a firmware upgrade and not an additional paid feature, cause many people have been asking for it and asking for it a lot, so they are gonna be pretty pissed off if they have to pay for it...
2. I think its a bit expensive at 10 $ per month... Ill definitely cancel Qore once this is out cause honestly i haven't been using it much and this sounds like pure bargain but a bit too expensive....

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SCEA registered a trademark for the phrase "Until Dawn" for a game like an MMO recently...
Maybe this is it?!?!?!

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I wish i could go =( But tickets are hard to get...
Im dying to see this year's E3... Its looks to be quite the awesomest on all possible aspects!!!
Im wishing on a star as we speak :P

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If this is real then its the best game ever!!!! HOLY MAMA!!!

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I agree, if they keep it the same, then it wouldn't be that strong of a push towards innovation... But remember that MM themselves said that a direct sequel would ruin the purpose of the game, and that why i think it will be something completely different but starring SackBoy and within the Sackboy and LBP universe of Play.Create.Share..
I remember i read once a while ago that an editor-in-chief of one of the PlayStation articles teased a new Play.Create.Share open world game that...

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1. LBP as an IP is owned by Sony...
2. Sony just bought the developer studio (Media Molecule) barely two months ago as i recall and they became part of the SCE Worldwide studios...
It was even said that Sony went ahead and bought them because of the progress they showed in the new game to the degree that it impressed Sony a lot...
So LBP is definitely an exclusive!
I can't wait to see whats changed in it... They -MM- said that a direct sequel ruins the game...

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I love it! =D Glad to be back!! Yay!!

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Ummm did he just say PSN? --->
"Lasting Appeal
You'll want to tackle the campaign at least twice, and if there's any justice in the world, the gloriously fatted multiplayer will be a Live and PSN mainstay for many moons."

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1. So awesome to have him back on the tweeting world, he honestly answers any question you throw at him...
2. He once said that when he returns his game's reveal will be soon! I sure hope it is =D
3. HOLY MAMA!!! IS HE TEASING A NEW TWISTED METAL WITH THE BACKGROUND?! Im dying for a full fledged confirmation!

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Come on guys its an april fools joke... But a good one =D
A damn good one! =D
Indian Halo Movie FTW!

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Who is in with me that its an April Fools prank?!
Remember last year the Zelda movie trailer :P
What movie might they be dealing with now...

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Awesome awesome stuff!!! Couldn't stop laughing all the way through hehe...
Can't wait to play the game, and hopefully the stuff in the trailer make it to the game =D
But i still dont understand why the masks honestly hehe :P
I did "rike it" a lot!

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I approve this awesome game! =D
Great thinking Sega on April fools haha!! Seriously imagine a Gears of Dolphin! EPIC! I want this game now!
"As the first F.P.S. (First Porpoise Shooter) ever on a console" <--- Full of awesomeness!!

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Didn't see that coming honestly! I thought he retired... Well he is a CEO so hopefully we will see more great thing to come from Capcom Europe! =D

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But do april fools fake announcements include those done in a magazine?!
Thats whats making me slightly believe it... I hope!

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Well, Vanquish's lead platform for development is the PS3 and he just announced an exclusive... So apparently the tides have turned!
Can't wait to see more of the game! =D

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They didnt deny returning to HS in the future.. One of the heads of the studio did say "Well one thing you learn in this industry is that you never say ‘Never’. So I’m not going to say we’ll “never” go back and make HS2 " And they did say it was big budget and big production... Im becoming to hopeful :P

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But they already have the scripts written for a trilogy! HS was one of the best cinematic experiences in gaming i had on the Next-Gen platforms!
Well here goes my finger crossing again! =D

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Dare i hope and cross my fingers on it being Heavenly Sword 2? =D
I sure do wish all that i have it is!!! Make it happen Sony!

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