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now come next next future gen. when all major games gives you this creativity then and only then will that type become goty.

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However there basing there desicions on what they've played and we haven't seen what they have. RE5 could actually be the sh1t that they say it is:)

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He did only mention the Xbox 360 but I see you have the ps3 shown as well, Hmm is it really for both or did he on only mention the Xbox 360 b/c it was only being demo'd on the 360.

Either way, I see a hella fun game.

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I love you guys, ........ahh screw you guys.........

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Do you make this much sense often???

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Taking bubbles away.

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In what way? No it's not even close to being credible. There's no proof it's even the source that;s given, that's why blogs shouldn't be allowed as article/news stories tobe posted on here.

XGAMER was correct, you were not.

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even though kotor 2 had a more in depth build for the lightsaber, and more crystal combinations could be used.

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I think it was some pod racing game, oh no wait wait, it was Disney's chip and dale racing, lol!! Actually I still have that game. Shhhhh.

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The KoToR series is my fav of all time. I'm hoping this to be soooo true.

I love the idea of a Kotor MMO, this would truly breath new life into the Star Wars Universe.

The force is strong with this one.

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He was referring to life like games in general and not the Xbox 360 platform. He was saying gaming visuals have advanced too far and wants to see physics and other area's play catch up. Whew someone thows a sony dog a bone it salivates like pavloves dog. Sad wittle fan boys.

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Should be called Grayzone 2. Not a single vibrant color. I've seen more colors at a funeral, seriously.

Mediocre gameplay and you idiots drool over it. So sad.

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Where does it say this?

These are either version since it doesn't say a specific one, reguardless it looks ok, I'll have to see actually game play to see if it's worth a buy, rent or a skip.

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Use twice as many developers and put in twice as many man hours to get something decent and playable.

Multicore development is the future you say? Of course it is, first the PC's brought us dual core, then the Xbox 360 jumped ahead w/the Three core processor that has 2 threads per core. There secret was building freely supplying a useable dev kit for developers.

Too bad sony didn't do the same. Ease of use makes it all good.

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HD-DVD is cheaper to manufacture. We all have known this for a while.
HD-DVD has at some points outsold Blu Ray and is not currently being outsold 6:1 as stated above by WiiJ.
HD-DVD players have continually outsold Blu Ray players since there inception. It's listed every where, there's no denying it.
Regardless of Blu Ray buyouts, HD-DVD continues to hang in there and is looking to the long run for a winner, as most people on the streets still prefer HD-DVD on BR.

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I mean, you know it will, it does on E V E R Y single title that's launched to date.

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This game will be a hell of a lot better on the Xbox 360 as every other game is and is/has been proven time and time again.

Much like a dog, I believe you to eat your own poo.


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This pathetic poster is an idiot as well as the writer.

Rockstar did "NOT" say that the Xbox 360 needed to have a Hard Drive just to play the standard game, they need one for the DLC that is new area's that are going to be several gigs in size, but "NOT" the standard game, nor will the ps3 get the same or anything close to DLC, the ps3 is reported to be getting downloads of things like new clothes, etc...Man the lies from sony droids just never stop.

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But it's not one that I've used in training other than just form fighting.

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