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They need to go back to the good roots of FN R2 and FN R3. Everything after watered down the formula too much and enabled gimmicks. FNR2&3 are some of the greatest fighting games ever.

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A lot of F2P games are shutting down around the same time....If I seriously had to guess it's probably Epic tossing some cash to try to booste the Fortnite Player base again in return...Just so many of these games going offline all at once..seems suspicious

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Probably the best Credit Music to an ending of one of the most epic endings ever.

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Well, better to just smoke some Opium and stare at some dirt and bushes instead. Remember it was the Russians that destroyed and left Afghanistan the way it is today.

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A 7? This game is straight up broken. The issues are several pages in fixes. A 7?? More like a 4...might end up being a 7... learn to review

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Oh yeah, let's remake the entire series but make DK Gay and Diddy his boyfriend but also toss them to the side because Dixie has always been the bravest and smartest and has been held back but the masculine gators that want to control everything! Just make her question herself at some point and then show us Dixies true inner prowless and strength to over come any challenge this bonkers island has go offer her. Also change the Grandpa to Grandma just too keep up, many felt he was a creep i...

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Add Everquest Online Adventures for the PS2 to the list of amazing games that relished in standards.

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Yay now we don't have to buy games and on top of that we can use aim bots and wall hacks in all our freebies now haha!! Take that Sony this one is for the consumers!!!! /s

It's always thr legit consumers that actually get burnt by these things. People with jobs and money who come home to escape to find out it doesn't matter because the no lifer has been racking up free kills since noon when he rolled out of bed.

People are retarded

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Good let them burn. Anytime a Company sells out or caters to China and has employees sexually harrased to the point of suicide, well then it can all burn in hell. Remember when Blizzard was at the forefront of becoming woke. What a sick joke of a company

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Sick trailer

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Maybe he meant looks great because they do. Stalker 2 is some of the best graphics I've seen and has a ton going on. Great Engine

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One of the great ones whose foundation still rocks the industry.

If you were born in the 80's then you had the best video game era there will ever be.

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GTAV doesn't have an official PS5 release yet.

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So we shouldn't aim to fly the airship around in real time and let other games pass up ff with the helm of technological and artistic feats? Yeah count me out. FF has always pushed the boundaries and for this version to be realized then it would be pretty soured by a linear trail of content rather than giving the player the freedom and the respect of the first game for what it was truly known for. Don't cater to this article as it actually simplifies and underwhelms what the real poss...

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I play MGO 1 still on my Original PS2 still... Online of course

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Please come to PS5 and sell atleast 5 million. ( Seriously ) this is pretty much the last JRPG that intends on staying mature. I'd hope others do the same sooner than later

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I mean... cool but not impressive at all for ue5

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The anus is modded each time you poop. This is nothing new for old things

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Wish we could get more JRPG's with more of a Western Setting. The older FF games are legendary for the settings they established.

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Disgaia 6, Bravely Series, SMT series, a Tactics Advance Port along with Tactics Ogre... huge onslaught of great games that really don't even need much of an upscale honestly. Just give us these games on newer platforms with trophies and not just for switch.

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