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I have both an HD-A2 and a PS3 along with tons of HD DVDs and Blu-rays so basically I support both HD DVD and Blu-ray...

Sadly HD DVD is complete, final and ready NOW unlike Blu-ray which STILL needs time to finish the spec and has the biggest potential right now for consumer backlash if what the BD reps at CES hinted at happens... Blu-ray may have been in development longer but it was so as a PC storage medium, not HDM.
Remember kiddies who follow anything Sony does lik...

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Ok let's follow this.. Immediately after the WB announcement rumors went around, albeit just rumors, that WB was paid 450-500mil. Then additional rumors went around that Fox was paid to stay put, almost going neutral or even worse for Blu, HD DVD exclusive. Money talks... Then highly credible sources, those who have leaked out information and Nielsen's numbers early, mentioned the deal that went down, Fox getting 120mil and WB getting 500mil (WB apparently wouldn't switc...

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not even HD DVD was bought in masses. The HDM market as it sits now on both sides is a niche market taking up 1-2% of home video sales compared to DVD. TINY! There are 2 reasons why Warner went exclusive with Blu-ray. The PS3 effect of including a BD drive in every PS3 and $500million. If it were an HD DVD drive, you and every little troll would be d*ckriding HD DVD instead.

This Warner news surprised EVERYONE! Factor in that sales RATIOS overall have been 1.6:1 it was anyone'...

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Both sides offered big money for Warner. I've read more into it and WB apparently was set to go HD DVD exclusive since HD DVD was also paying off Fox to switch. WB wouldn't switch unless they knew a format victory was soon to follow. BDA paid Fox to stay (apparently) and paid WB to go BD exclusive.

$500million and the tarnishing of the Playstation gaming brand is what it cost to win the HDM war. Anyone who thinks WB wasn't paid off... lay off the crack pipe.

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New Line 'confirmed' after. They weren't part of the $500mil payoff deal

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That's what it cost to get WB to go Blu and to apparently start the end of the format war

I wonder how many PS3 fanboys are going to keep buying Blu-ray movies. My guess is BD sales will start to drop after HD DVD is put away.

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I'm getting this for my 40gb PS3!

Oh wait....

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I wonder if this kid is going to be the demographic that will be buyint Blu-ray movies ;)

Surely the dad is the more candidate but judging by the family room, he lacks a few things ;)

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with very VERY few 1.1 players. PS3 does 1.1 after the last FW update, Panasonic has their new player that also does 1.1, and Samsung has their dual format player that does 1.1. All other players will never utilize this feature, whether you like it or not. Same is going to apply when 2.0 hits the market...

So... how long before we see issues of 1.1 disks not playing on 1.0 players? ;)

For the record, I do think PiP is overrated especially for the vast majority of...

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HD-D3 is the HD-A3. It is an entry level HD player. For films, the difference between 720p and 1080p is there at different viewing distances and screen sizes but 1080i to 1080p you will NOT notice a difference. Think about how 3/4 of the US population with HDTVs have a 720p/1080i HDTV, what's the point of 1080p player? If you want 1080p, get a 1080p player. Just like if you want a player that can handle bitstreaming of DTS-HD MA or other HD audio sources, pay more for it. Besides, a good 1080...

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1. HD-A3 was just recently released.
2. Boxing day is a Black Friday deal. Expect it to be a door buster type of sale to get people in the stores.
3. You suck at life.

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Since the PS3 loses money on every unit sold and Tosh's entry level gen3 HD player is sold at a profit, even at this $100CAD price tag... See the new Venturer model, is a rebranded, slightly stripped A3/D3 and sold at a profit for he cheap price at $100-200US.

The big profits are in the long run fellas, just do some research on how much Toshiba makes on patent licensing alone with normal DVD... I'll give you a hint, it's in the billions ;) ]

Besides, at the end of th...

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The better format = HD DVD

Sadly we're either going to see a purple/neutral future or a blu one, and if blu becomes the way it is not good for the consumer.

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Forza 2 is GREAT!!!

It won this award when the game came out. Hopefully GT5 fills in the crater sized hole that FM2 left behind.

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What's so funny? I know! HD DVD add ons sold MORE than all Blu-ray stand alones COMBINED...
Exactly how is Blu-ray not a Sony and PS3 format?

How's that one for ya? ;)

-> owner of HD DVD stand alone and in market for PS3 both for gaming and BD.

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I wouldn't get this player, nor the Sami 1400 that's infamous for being buggy and unstable. I know this technology is new and all but as your gen2-3 player you would expect some of those bugs to be ironed out.

Aside from that, if you don't care for the features that will come packed in 1.1 and 2.0 disks, and are willing to risk the potential for compatibility issues (as we've already seen with BD+ and BD-J on 1.0 players) then sure, get yourself a gimped player. It should, I st...

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In Japan it could be considered a landslide.

In Australia where things have only begun, it could be considered a landslide.

Europe, not so much but has potential to get there.

In the US, it's far from a landslide. And the US market is also the biggest and most important one.

Let me ask all you Blu supporters... Explain to me how DRM, region coding and having Sony make films, press disks, make the most hardware, and have one of the mo...

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This was supposed to be all blu week regardless. POTC3 release along with others was much better list than what red had. Following week should be blu again, although I'm not quite sure it'll be as large. Then the following is what we want to know... Bourne 3 HD DVD. Is this red's first week win all year? I think so!

but I wouldn't doubt it'll be close. Those in the know are holding off on the buy to get it next week since Best Buy is having a BOGO sale. BTW the BOGO is also for...

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Transformers audio track WAS hd (high fidelity). DD+ 1.5 is every bit HD audio as lossless PCM, TrueHD, or DTS-HD MA.

Remember, it's high quality compressed/lossy sound track and it sounds AMAZING!

All depends on the film, the sound track and how the studio mixes it. Obviously here Paramount pulled all strings to get the mix right

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A lot of these awards (not just the blu ones you listed) I would definitely agree with winning or being up there. but some don't make sense. Like HD movie of the year was given to 300 for BD, regardless of the fact that the HD DVD version had more features and all. I'm assuming this was based on sales as 300 to date has sold the most on BD compared to all other titles.

Casino Royale I would put up there, but I wouldn't give it as the action flick of the year. There are a lot of...

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