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I would be cool with that. From what they've shown, the game looks great as it is on the PS4. I can only dream of how much better it could look using higher fidelity textures and possibly using Ray tracing.

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So long as it's with cosmetic stuff, I really don't care. If it's micro-transaction for guns unattainable by just playing the game, then yeah, that's a problem.

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That's what I like to hear from Sony, as it aligns with how I feel as well. I don't want a day where if network maintenance is happening and I won't have the option to pop on a physical copy in and play in the mean time.

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Chill out man.

You're jumping the gun and going on a doomsday rant based on a CES event. When the PS5 reveal is going to happen, it'll be awesome.

With the success of the PS4 selling more than 90 million now. You'll have to be a big hater if you think with all the experience Sony has had this gen, that they will allow nothing short of a strong unveil for the PS5.

Btw, SHU is awesome. Cerny will most likely be the System A...

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Same way I feel. I'm at a point where the visuals are nice enough for me. Of course if it gets better next gen, but games are at 60fps, that's even better. Please give PS5 a capable CPU and very little bottlenecks elsewhere and I think they can achieve it. I'm excited for PS5. Especially with Sony's marvelous first party studios.

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I second this.

No matter how powerful PS5 is to current gen systems, just acknowledge how it is, but let's not give it cringe-worthy Nick names like some around have used in regards to the Xbox One X in the past.

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Thank God for the admin note. Although, I doubt it'll make the truly impulsive ones to jump the gun despite the note to take a jab at PS.

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I certainly would have bought a few of the classics again on the PS4.

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I share the same excitement and optimism.
Just imagining what Sony first party studios have done with current gen system, gets me hyped thinking what they can achieve with the PS5.

If Sony got the same mentality with PS5, like they did with the PS4 (games, games, and more games not found anywhere else), then there is nothing to worry about, but excitement for the PS5.

2079d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment dude, I don't think comment was directed towards you per say. He said Gamingbolt is at it again, as in the website is known to make articles that are clickbait and often times from indie devs that do not even take advantage of current gen consoles effectively, let alone chime in on next gen consoles.

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I can't wait that long.

I'm going to ship on next gen as soon as the PS5 is released. Can't miss out on two or three years of better looking and performing videogames.

Can you imagine all the games one would miss out within the time frame if they waited for the PS4 Pro to get in the current game.

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The game deserves all the sales and awards coming it's way inevitably. I am so damn glad I got the Pro bundle with the game and love the amazing red console with the Spider-Man logo on the top even more now that I've actually played the first mission.

A masterpiece is safe to say with this game and it will be praised for a very long time, despite how little I've actually was able to play of this game. It's that good!

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Rise of the tomb Raider is awesome. I still play it from time to time! I'll for sure be getting the new game and see how the story arc for this "origin story" plays out.

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If it does come up anytime soon or when the PS5 is out, I will just shrug it off like I am doing now. Never had an issue with finding people to play with. I mainly play with my brothers and real life friends anyways.

Imagine a world where games are universal across all platforms. Then you'll have toxicity in online game forums to a whole new level. Even platform specific clans, lobbies, etc.

I, for one, find that counter intuitive.

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I feel the same way. PS4 is very reminiscent of the PS2 and what makes PlayStation preferred by gamers worldwide. They have great games and a lot of them that fits in all categories and genre.

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I'm really thinking of picking up the Spider Man PS4 Pro console. That thing looks so sick! I can always give my OG Pro PS4 to my younger brother (no make him pay half)

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Same for me.

The link for NA has the Snaaaake error page. Is it same for you?

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You don't seem too smart.
It's a PS4 article and you're letting everyone know you have more fun on a different console that has zero relevance on the subject.

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I got the same for the PS Vita, as well as the remastered on the PS4. Then got so excited for the sequel and I was sure the game would be a big hit, but nope. So sad for the game that may not see a sequel or another entry in the game.

I hope Sony in their heart of hearts will continue the series somewhere down the line with more support, marketing and budget. Maybe then, the series can reach a wider audience and check marks all the areas where some have overlooked it befor...

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That would suck if it came down to people perceiving it as game that should have released on the Vita as well. I don't blame them though, the series did originate from the PS Vita. Just wish more would have supported the game. Maybe it was the anime looking characters? Or more so, the made up language that the game uses? Idk, I liked all of that and I'm glad there are others out there that appreciates a quality game for what it is.

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