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They should make it about the rise of the Falmer. Maybe have the Dwemer return, only to have the Falmer finally having their revenge on those treacherous bastards, and reestablishing a major presence in Skyrim.

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Contrast on the 360 version is way higher, you can't even tell the HUD is green anymore, it looks white.

Bad comparison.

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Yep, I got that "come hither" vibe as well... ;)

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You have to keep the 360 relevant one way or another..

Granting high-profile ps3 exclusives less than stellar scores does just that.

They gave Uncharted 2 the credit it deserved and suddenly the PS3 was the cool kid on the block.. prolly scared the hell out of those "journalists".

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Multiplats on PC might run in a much higher resolution with some dx11 tricks, but still look like poo in terms of animation etc..

Don't get me started on the optimization.

If it wasn't for the mod community, PC would probably be a horrific platform to game on.

Hearing PC-fanboys talk about the platform, you'd almost forget about the hours spend on (un)installing the right(/wrong) drivers, scouring the internet for the right patche...

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Give Crytek some restrictions, and suddenly they're a pretty mediocre developer..

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24 players was the sweet spot for most maps.

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Only the German version is delayed.

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"(In the US)"

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Talk about "making a big deal out of this".

Looking at the main page & the hundreds of comments you'd think the PS3 is the first console to ever get hacked..

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We're giving bubbles to bitter 360 fanboys now?

This "only ps3 fanboys are stupid enough to" rethoric died in 2007, let's keep it that way..

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Bill O'Reilly thought it was funny..

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This isn't about videogames, this is about spreading lies & misinformation.

I can't stand lying pieces of shit like you, whether it's about Games, Movies, Sports, Books or whatever.. People like you need to be shown for who you are.

You know GG fixed the controls, you've known for weeks.

Give it a rest..

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You're right, I'm in a bad mood.

But still, it takes a single click & 15 seconds to see if someone is sincerely derailing an entire thread or if he's fanboy.

Doesn't seem like much of an effort..

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Go back to school & learn to read fool, you're the enabler..

Go end yourself? Cockgobbler?

Wow, mind blown..

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He wasn't honestly asking.. get a clue.

You think someone that posts things like:

"I don't need to travel to the future to know that the PSN is inferior to XBL in every way."

"Playing Black Ops on the PSN is like watching a Blu-ray on a black & white TV. Yuck."

& one of my personal favorites,

"The constant Sony worship and severe signs of hurtbutt in every positive 360...

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Once again a Killzone article gets hijacked by pathetic 360 fanboys..

N4G, today starring:

Fred-G-Sanford = the Troll
ddurand = the Enabler
CoxMulder = the Annoyed
the Mods = the Silent

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Didn't I buy this game back in 2007??

Looks the same to me..

"but since you get killed too much on MW2 multiplayer, you hate it too much to even talk good about it."

lol thanks for the chuckle..

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Pushing console graphics to the limit, for one..

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That's a gameplay decision, not a technical limitation, your point?

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