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wins.... in an article about Shift 2?

What the hell does it win?

Wow man.

The whole article loses for trying to garner hits with this kind of propaganda, and you lose for fanboying it up with the worst of them.

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Bubbles for speaking the truth.

Unfortunately the truth is not what these circle jerkin fanboys want to hear.

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I guess in some ways you've got us there.

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Their console religion.

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They will just form opinions based on headlines

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rears it's horribly ugly head

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1M sales, not amazing, but not haze.

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But even they know that this article is FUD

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GREATLY improved with the latest update. If you guys actually had an xbox you'd know that. The stock mics are fine.

XBL also has dedicated servers, just like PC, PSN. But the fanboy sony nuthuggers don't want to hear that

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input lag. That would most likely create enough of a disconnect between what you are doing and what you are seeing to kill the effect.

If they could minimize that since less tracking is involved (head only vs entire skeletal structure) perhaps it wont be as brutal as the current kinect offerings

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behind each.

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It's about changing the camera perspective to match where your point of view is coming from.

(Watch this video posted above by dgroundwater)

It would incur no additional cost whatsoever. All software based.

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And Nintendo swindled them out of TONS of marketshare. Nintendo was the one that took the big risk with motion gaming and an respectively underpowered console.

Sony sat on their move R&D until the dust settled.

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They should *REALLY* think about actually supporting BC2... Not this viet nam expansion pack bs. Just give us some new maps for BC2, that's all we've been asking for from the start

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Outside of a handful of games, I can barely find a use for mine. The video editor was decent, but they don't let you take a pic while you write messages. Without multitasking, that's pretty brutal. What good is a cam if you have to take pics before even writing the message?

On topic, I don't know if MS can successfully cram kinect down everyone's throats. We'll see how this plays out. Kinect does seem pretty weak, but they keep throwing money at it and peopl...

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WTF is wrong with you?

"Every single major PS3 online game has standard dedicated servers. Just like on the PC."

Does Uncharted2? NO. Then you are INCORRECT. STOP SPREADING FUD. WTF man.

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Halo Wars was amazing as a console RTS because it was designed to be much more simple gameplay wise than traditional modern RTS games that appear on PC. Think of it as a "lazy man's RTS" It did what it did VERY well. Great game.

But to think that you could replicate the extremely demanding, micromanagement-intensive gameplay of Starcraft 2 without BOTH a mouse AND a keyboard, is just silly.

A full keyboard of hotkeys and numbers for groups assignme...

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how about this Sony product?

or its predecessor?

Sony makes budget products just like everyone else.

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you know... DOING THINGS.

You shouldn't gain XP just by existing.

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But nothing has progressed since then. Everything's gotten faster and easier...ahem my bad: faster and "more accessible" gotta expand that audience

Just Dance has gone over more serious overhauls than this series

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