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Is this Single Player story or story wrapped around the Multi-Player aspect of the game?

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It's written from scratch.

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Make it like Fortnite. Done ! Don't forget to make the graphics cartoonish too. That'll pull them in for sure.

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The title of this article and the disclosure by the head of xbox screams potential failure and possibly an attempt in to tempering the expectations of the fans. Guessing that a lot of gamers are going to be disappointed with this new entry in to the series.

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@Cosmoplayer84 MS is a Trillion $ company. Big companies have different rules compared to smaller ones. Giving a company overwhelming control over an industry is not a great idea.
What's more, MS skin in the game is that a majority of their business is cloud, software, licensing and such. Gaming is just one small portion of their business, and they are using that to prop up their gaming business even if it is at a loss and this is not good. Have you ever complained about game...

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@rakentaga Yes, MS does do that and they have inherent control over all those platforms. As Apple has shown, you control the platform and eco-system, you control the game and the mindset of users.
Power begets corruption and absolute power ... you know the rest. There is a reason why we cannot let corporations get too big where they start to control the narrative and start stamping down on others. Remember Google's famous tagline "Do no evil"? Do you see?

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Microsoft using Bethesda's PS5 developer systems to port games to PS platform to one up Sony and gain gamer's respect?
Microsoft commandeered Bethesda's fleet of PS5 developer systems to reverse engineer their future development of new consoles?
Microsoft initiating moves to get access to Epic's recent purchase of RAD's Oodle and Kraken Compression algorithms for XSX and XSS?
More news coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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Entitled much? Somebody forgot the sh#tshow that was Fallout76 and Elder Scrolls. Not to mention that nickel and diming of games via lootboxes and horse arnor.
I suggest the OP (Opinion Piece Author) go take a chill pill and go do something else.
Not to state as @ThunderG0d_Bane mentioned about Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem.

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Fortnite made it okay to have cartoonish graphics. 343 had noticed the player base liking this type of graphics and gameplay and made the move towards this mode. Get ready for disappointment.

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Hey Samuel L Jackson should be in the game too.
Would love him saying that every once in a while.

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We're now moving in to the phone territory. Next, we'll be talking about PS5 protectors.

By the way, can I have a glass coated outer layer to give that premium look? :)
Dibs for Paprika Red, Vermillion Red or Saffron Red tones with Chrome or Silver inner finishing.

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Probably a new form will move forward where it will be that the de facto standard of the game will be on the PS5 and alternative ones will be on the PC and XSX. There will be some changes to the game to run on those two latter platforms and some portions of the game will be changed to adapt to the technology specifications of those platforms? Possibility is there and Sony will probably take over the motto of "Best played on the PS5"?

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Cool, more the merrier.

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Tomorrow you'll probably see the article "Does the XSX TeraFLOPS matter as much as you think?". Gotta get those clicks now.

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Microsoft thought that they could gain the market by going with the TF argument, but Sony turned that around and now they need to change the messaging again. MS cannot go against this so they change the playing field by launching their games across their multiple platforms where games are made for not just the XSX but also the XBO, PC and the new Lockhart platform. They are basically nullifying their lead in TF to gain market share by addressing the customers who are invested in their platf...

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Secret sauce is the ability to use the audio processor for compute on PS5. Cerny said so in his Road to PS5 talk.

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They'll be doing their best to downplay the differences, and probably say buy the game for the console that you prefer rather than getting the game on the best platform available which they would probably do if the XSX was the one on top.

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Doing this will definitely nix the backward compatibility.

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It has everything to do with I/O, because you can stream the data from the SSD in to the memory for the GPU to push LOD. There's only so much memory that you can use and putting all assets in to memory is not possible, and at the moment the PS5 can push more polys compared to the XSX. The XSX could push more rays though.

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He was indirectly mocking the XSX. Confirmed Sony plant or was paid to do it.

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