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Over a year ago? It only came out in June 2013.

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Logical shortening of the name.

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Yeah, if you already own the DLC it'll be in your download list forever and you'll be able to access it even after May when they remove it from the store.

I don't get why this is such a surprise to be frank, it's a common thing that servers get shut down eventually - GT5 came out 4 years ago, it's had a good run and now GT6 is available.

It was inevitable.

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Shenmue 3 in development and Shenmue HD Collection in stores for May.

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Cool concept but if anyone thought that wasn't put there on purpose then I feel sorry for them haha

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Is that a texture pack on the bottom? Also carrots and anvils aren't in the PS3/360 version, so does that make the PS4/XBONE version more like the PC version?

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I don't know D4 but Project Spark is also on other devices (PC, 360, Windows tablet) is it not? As for Quantum Break I think if it can match the trailer footage and the live action stuff isn't too jarring it'll do ok, as for Sunset Overdrive, afaik there's been no gameplay at all so that could be anything.

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What's the plan if this doesn't sell as well as hoped? It worries me that Microsoft have pretty much come out and said Halo, Titan Fall, Gears of War are the games they care about. If it's just a shooter box they won't really appeal to anyone outside of their core American audience, assuming they care about anyone outside of their main American audience anymore.

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PS4 games are there for much shorter periods, except Resogun that is.

Contrast wasn't there much longer 3/ 4 weeks maybe.

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That guy needs medical attention im sure of it haha.. he probably thinks the secret sauce is inside the kinect, a secret 4Teraflop GPU hidden behind the camera lens, and he'll reason that's why you needed it plugged in all the time and it's why its so massive.

He's good for a laugh though haha

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Maybe Panello will be quiet for a while now. I'm sick of hearing his outright lies and damage control, finally something positive for Microsoft (though 8% isn't exactly a game changer, still better than nothing though).

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No chance, Microsoft are more likely to announce a price hike than a cut haha

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Yeah, the d-pad was the only fault. If they fixed that and could have integrated the flush battery pack into an old style controller shape it would have been perfect.

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I think they only made the change because of shareholders. The 360 controller was really, really nice. At that point unarguably the best controller ever made but if they kept it the same for the Xbox One, people would expect to be able to use their old Xbox 360 controllers, meaning they wouldn't make as much money on peripherals. And if they did keep it the exact same but didn't make the consoles compatible with the 360 ones there would have been a massive public outcry.

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To everyone saying this isn't backwards compatibility bla bla your discs are worthless etc.


I still have my PS3, it's in full working order, I still play it, I still will in 5 years probably thanks to a list of games to play as long as a country.

PS Now is good for playing games you don't own, or used to own, or never owned because you've just ...

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Detoxx how many games do you buy a year? If you buy 10 a year, and a PC gamer buys 10 a year the guy with the PC would have saved ~$500 in 2 years.

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Look, I'm all for a cheeky bit of T & A even if it's computer generated, but if you're disappointed you can't monk it off to this videogame anymore you need a psychiatric assessment and access to Pornhub or something. They look like Cabbage Patch Kids.

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*couldn't care less


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As fantastic as the Vita is, it's just not viable for a lot of studios. Really only the big ones that can take a loss and not close down can do it. Deciding to make a Vita game is like deciding to make a video game that only people called Dave can play, you're going to limit your market.

Personally I think they should pour some PS4 money into the new Vita that just launched in Japan, price it competitively with the 3DS or 3DS XL maybe and it could do well, it really ...

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He also predicted that humans will continue to breathe air. He's amazing.

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