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Thank you for this. It’s nice to know I can practice against bots - to get used to the maps.

It’s been awhile since I’ve played an online shooter - and this would allow anyone in a similar boat to get their thumbs back in shape.

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I got a decent way through Demon Souls and DKS1, but B.B. was the first one I completed - including DLC.

I just started DKS3, and I own the remastered DKS2. I’ll beat these and then get the PS4 remastered DKS1. I’d also like to finish Demon Souls.

BB helped me understand how to play these games - though the combat is a little different.

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The article says the biggest growth was seen in mobile gaming. With the latest round of smartphones - and their gaming capabilities, I expect this trend to continue.

This fall should be huge for PC and consoles as well.

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What qualifies someone to be a video game critic? I could start a website and start reviewing games.

In other industries, it seems a critic’s credentials are based on accomplishments in the industry and peer validation.

For video games, some random person gets hired by a website, and we are supposed to give weight to their opinion.

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I honestly haven’t started it on the PS4; I do have it on my Mac - and I’m about 10 hours in.

I like it - it’s point and click - so it’s a thinking game and not a finger dexterity game.

I’d recommend reading reviews to see if it’s something you’d like - and the price is right just to give it a try.

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Many games are the same ones we’ve been playing for decades. - Sports games, racing games, online shooters...etc. Every new version tweaks the graphics and small gameplay elements.

Creativity with a Spider-Man game is somewhat limited because he is an established character with an established story and setting - any significant changes would make it not Spider-Man.

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Dang - Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition is only $9.99 with PS+; I got a few months ago for $14.99 - thinking it would never drop lower.

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Is this game backwards compatible with the XBone?

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So you can get a XboxOneX with 24 months of GamePass and Live for $34/month?

What happens at the end of 2 years? Do you own the console at that point? When you figure GamePass is $10/mo and Live is $5/mo, that means you are paying $19/mo for the console - which is $456 for two years. That would be a good deal.

Do I have something figured wrong?

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No other games give me the same level satisfaction for beating an enemy or beating the game than the Soulsborne games.

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Well said!

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I think how the internet hurts gaming is the high percentage of people hating on everything or anyone who is enjoying something.

Don’t get me wrong - I appreciate reasonable and thoughtful opinions- even if negative, but those are far too few and far between.

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I wonder if these types of games are just losing popularity.

I’m getting too old for online FPS games - my thumbs are not as quick and I don’t have time to play and git gud they way I used to, and I don’t have a group of guys that play every Saturday night like I used to - multiplayer w/o friends is not as fun. So now I just play SP games.

My son and his friends are into games like Fortnite.

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People politicize everything and are offended at what is in games, what was left out etc.

So, yes - games and politics can’t be separated.

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Tempted to trade in my Forza 6 XBOne. But I just have a 1080P TV - so I don’t think I’d see a significant improvement in the games.

I’m waiting for the next gen of consoles before upgrading my TV. OLED should be reasonable by then.

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I hope they bring it back - I really liked the series.

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I'm not a PC gamer, but isn't it likely that the next gen of consoles - if they launch 2020 will be about as good as what a high-end PC can do now? And if so - can current high-end PCs cross the uncanny valley? (I thought not).

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I watched IGN's Prepare to Try of the RE2 demo, and it looks amazing - tense, creepy - tons of puzzles.

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I'm confused. They don't want to emphasize PvP, but they allow you to build a nuke to annihilate someone else's base. I'm afraid that without NPCs and any semblance of a story, people are just going to kill anyone they see on site - especially if you are a lone player and encounter a group of a few friends. I doubt its going to be "Hey, come help us kill this Supermutant."

I guess Bethesda will see how people play when it comes out - and how it...

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I can relate to a lot of these points. I've 45 and been gaming since the Atari 2600. I, too, am married and have 3 kids. The biggest factor is time and energy. I usually game either Friday or Saturday night for 2-3 hours - after everyone has gone to bed. Sometimes I'll skip a week for whatever reason. That's it. I could get an hour in during a week night, but I'm too tired, and I get up early to work out.

I almost never buy games at release - not that I...

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