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Most likely easy mode and automatic checkpoint saves.

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Farce of a review, half the text has strike through on it and they have no idea how the unlocking of the second scenarios work.

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"The entire get up — stellar presentation, refined controls, and elaborate environment strung together by annoying deadline for completion — makes the whole Resident Evil 2 demo experience feel like a roundabout and ultimately, blatant money grab"

I have no words for this level of stupidity.

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I played several hours yesterday and overall it's quite underwhelming, the aim assist which is closer to a full blown lock on than normal aim assist completely ruins the competitive multiplayer aspect of it, most engagements are over after 2 bullets are fired and someone lands a head shot.

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My thoughts exactly, such a stupid title.

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Agreed, now will they actually have voice actors for the different countries like the classic games. The same voice actors in every level in the last entry was disappointing.

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Jesus, 47 should have brought some factor 50 by the looks of it.

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One question I would like answered is will Claire's and Leon's second scenarios will be included.

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Same, you're probably taking heat from the Blood Money babies.

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Hitman 2 released 2002

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Battlefield V: WW2 In Space!!!!!!!!! coming this holiday season.

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Until they release Destiny 3.

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You are in for a quite a surprise if you are looking forward to MGO3 based on MGO2, they threw out everything that MGO2 did right and tried to make a Call of Duty clone. The aim assist coupled with death after 4 or 5 shots to the body is enough to make anyone who loved the previous MGO sick.

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Don't really see this as much of an issue, it's very easy to kill the enemies that drop in to get the Ether Key. So he got an extra chest, he would get another one when the enemies come back in 5 minutes later anyway.

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When you are this crazy you are always right.

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Easter egg confirmed: The words Grand Theft Auto are in Grand Theft Auto V and all the other GTA's title, clearly each GTA has a reference to the previous game right there in each games title.
I know, mind blown right?

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This is not a review, this is a frustrated gamer doing what many frustrated gamers do, opening their mouths when they are still pissed off. If you want to make reviews and have them taken seriously then you should wait until you can play the game properly before reviewing it.

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It upgrades the defense rating for armor and the damage rating for weapons. However if you got the armor and weapons after the The Dark Below expansion they should already be at the max so don't do it.

The weapon damage should be at 331 when maxed and the armor varies depending on type, chest armor should be at 488 defense when maxed.

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It would be nice to know when your friends come online, it's kind of ridiculous that you get a message for your friends joining parties but not for when they log on.

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Its was a no brainer for them and you can expect the same from any other developer that MS is willing to pay off for a timed exclusive, they lose nothing and gain a bunch of cash.

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