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You're a fucking idiot.

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Pandamobile, I freaking love you. In a totally platonic way of course. Mostly.

OT: I have a corei5 750 overclocked from 2.6 ghz to 4.0 ghz on air, and an ATI 5850 OC'd from 725/1000 to 900/1200. :D I love to overclock. Hell, I even overclocked my droid phone.

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As much as Kotick pisses me off, his quote was taken completely out of context in this instance. CVG sucks.

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RTS's still don't work well on consoles. Period. Played Ruse on console and it's terrible. MMO's aren't good for consoles because very few technical upgrades can be made to game over the course of it's existence because of hardware limitations on the console. (i.e. Final Fantasy XI, Everquest: Online Adventures)

I know a lot of people won't like to see it and I'll probably get a lot of disagrees, but MMO's by their very nature are suited be...

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It's really fun playing as the necromorphs, but no one uses mics so playing as the humans really sucks. It's hard.

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A "known beta tester"? lol. You're a funny kid.

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Dude! I got in!! Wootsauce!

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The thing that bugs me is his hair doesn't move at all. It's in that pony tail and just completely stiff. Once I noticed it I couldn't look away...

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You unlock more combos as you progress through the game... You are basing the entire combat system over a very brief demo with only 3 of the many, many different attacks that will be in the retail game.

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Well done. Nice to see real information in the comments for once.

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ps3 guys are going to eat you alive frank... bad idea

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OMG is number 4 true? If so then fuck yes!

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Well said. I hate it when people harp on UE3. It's a great engine in the right hands.

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Not sure what you mean exactly. KZ2 was great at launch, but there are almost no servers left. I get on and there are maybe 10 servers up. Mag is pretty much dead as well. Reach definitely has a lot of players right now, but it did JUST come out.

Also, these numbers were ONLY from Steam and don't count retail copies or any other game that isn't sold on steam, AND they were taken at 5pm UK time which is before US peak play hours.

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Seriously, is a controller really THAT bad to you guys? I started out playing FPS on PC, but have been using a controller for a few years now and I seriously am just as good with both. People make way to big a deal out of using a mouse.

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Tower Knight is a cakewalk. Sprint up the right side take out archers, then shoot tower knight in the head with soul arrow or bow, and back away when he is attacking. It's soooo easy. I don't understand why people found that boss hard.

Demon's souls was a very fun game, but it wasn't that hard. Don't get hit, use blocks and roll/evade. Really easy once you get that part.

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XBL games can have dedicated servers too. Bad Company 1 and 2 both feature dedicated servers on 360. That has nothing to do with the hardware, that's all up to the developer.

While the PS3 DOES have VoIP, not many games actually support it properly. Also, because the PS3 doesn't ship with a mic, you have pretty much everyone using a different headset or bluetooth, which can make some people sound really good and clear, and other sound down right horrible.

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You do realize that Half Life 2 is rated just as high as Uncharted 2? The game all you fanboys insist on brining up in every single 360/pc article? Uncharted 2 is amazing, but it didn't innovate. Half Life 2 did. Portal did. Counter Strike did.

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You are the biggest fucking troll as fanboy douchebag in existence. Go stick a fork in an electrical socket.

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Why would they make a new engine, when current consoles can barely handle the new source engine at 30fps? I'm sure they will have a new engine when the next round of consoles are out.

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