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look I love the Soul games, especially Demon's Souls, but looking back on my playthroughs now they feel like climbing mountains and the thought of having that combat system with new settings and better graphics but with less frustration seems appealing to me

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the first Silent Hill is a pretty good movie, the first Mortal Kombat is silly but a lot of fun

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is this game's name actually "PS4 Exclusive Without Memory"? because I never seen it without the first two words

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I want to believe

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I cancelled my PS3 pre order as soon as I saw that article earlier today

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wanted weapons of fate, it was short but very efective third person shooter and the bullet bending stuff was very fun

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I’m from Argentina and I already preorder the ps4 and while the numbers on this article are correct the situation is a little more complicated and in the end the actual cost is around 750 dollars or so

What’s happening is that the official conversion rate is around 5,59 and that’s what gets you to around 1170 but no one can buy dollars ate that rate, it,s just a bogus rate that the government keeps artificially low in order to pay less of foreign debt but banks won’t sell t...

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funny thing is that now I'm not going to buy one at launch

since I don't want Kinect anywhere near my house and with this news it seems very possible they will release a Kinect-free SKU probably shortly after launch, I'll just wait for it

I didn't think they were going to do that so I was going to buy it anyway, not anymore (obviously to be a backup to my future main console the PS4)

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like every time this is posted I'll clarify that "Quantum Leap" means an incredible small leap

the smallest possible leap

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I think is more of a Z, mayb it means they're making a Zorro game

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my heart is beating fast...

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I think we should start a campaign to get all gamers to stop buying any Valve games until they announce Half Life 3

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2 BI
3 Ni No Kuni
4 Metro Lst Light
5 Tomb Raider

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well, it didn't do very well at E3, let's hope it's as good as Heavy Rain

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I don't think it was realistic to believe you could've just buy one copy of the game and then pimp out 10 full copies around family and friends

think about it, how would that work? if one console can play the game at one moment in time, then it might be possible for you to wait until you finish the game and then share it

but what if you want to play again a game that you shared? what if your friend was playing it at the moment? would you be able t...

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It's hard to understand how some people thought they could buy one game and pimp out 10 full copies around friends and family lol

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so I guess it wasn't what some gullible people thought it would be

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Here is the full alleged M$ employee open letter from pastebin (dot) com (slash) TE1MWES2. Read so you can understand what people smarter than you accomplished on your behalf while you rally against them.

Going back to Xbox O...

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MS can easily fix all those problems for developers making digital games cheaper by leaving out of the price all that doesn't go back to them in retail

but they're not doing that, aren't they?

@dcbronco (below)

if MS is charging the same for digital games than what they cost at retail then they are making a lot more money with one digital sale than with one retail sale

if all the money that goes to shippi...

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Titanfall will come to PS4 eventually just like all the other third party timed exclusives

Sony has working on PS4 games the same amount of studios or more that made PS3 crushed the 360 in quantity and quality of exclusives

Sucker Punch, Guerrila, Naughty dog, Revolution, Media Molecule and many more

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