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Your talking bullshit dude. Stop it.

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Kinect might as well have no games. Kinect is exactly what everyone predicted it would be, a gimmicky way for Microsoft to make money. NOTHING Kinect has done is worthy of anything.Just because you have more apples and more then half of them are rotten doesn't mean anything.Nintendo at least did it right.

Microsoft is flailing wildly around hoping to hit a target. I laugh at them trying to make mature games. The hardcore have most likely stopped caring or returned Kinect...

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For the love of God just stop please. Edge IS biased. Everyone with eyes and a brain can see that. It happens constantly. As usual the 7s and 6s our games get are 'the truth' but the 8s and 9s are exaggerations and lies. Everytime some [email protected]$$ is always trying to justify Edge's crappy reviews. It isn't just the score that bothers us it's the crappy reviews themselves For example why ks Prototype vaslly superior? It was basically a Hulk paste over with a dumb story that mad...

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Please stop the ignorance. It was Anon that made PSN go down in the first place. You shouting that you don't care about them and unreasonably telling Sony to put back up PSN before they know it's safe is pointless. Tell Anon to leave us alone. No matter how you try to boomerang the blame it is them who did this. Forced Sony to have to rebuild their whole system which I bet is no small task. If you have nothing sensible to add to the conversation go somewhere else with your misdirected...

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If Sony really does offer a reward for their capture they will have hundreds if not thousands of people snitching and hunting them down. Sucks to be Anon. FBI, homeland. Sony and other security companies and thounsands of reward hunters and bounty hunters up their asses. Should have stuck to mischief instead of cyber terrorism.

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As I read these posts all I hear is a lot of hot air. This is one of the reasons why Sony didn't say anything at first when they where not sure what happened during the breach. If they made promises or told you anything that wasn't completely true everyone would be here doing exactly what they are doing now raving on and on about what Sony said and what they promised.

Sony has to rebuild their whole network and make sure the @$$holes, who are the ones who you should...

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What makes me mad is that people keep repeating the same wrong information over and over again to try and make everything seem worse and worse. For instance here was no second attack. Sony found out that SOE was attack also when they investigated the breach further. Also that thing everyone keeps saying that Sony had no firewalls up, when they already stated that their firewalls were up during the attack while the person who claims Sony's systems were unpatched and not upgraded, his evide...

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Already said a million times. Do not approve this please. Giving me a headache

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Okay first of all I do believe it was stated repeatedly that SOE was NOT a separate attack. Sony found out after the investigation that SOE was hacked into too.Second of all it would be very stupid for whoever this is to attack Sony with law enforcement like FBI and security firms all ready to pounce on anyone that tries anything. This is probably just some stupid attempt to try to bluff Sony into keeping the PSN offline in fear of it being hacked.

And finally if they are att...

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What BS. I just brought this game. It blew me away the amount of things happening all at once. There was this level, a shipyard I think, that was burning and breaking apart. At one point a concrete cylinder dropped of a crane and created a ramp to leap over. It was awesome.And another level where the road is so twisted that you actually go up and down it like a rollacoaster

It does get a little hectic and chaotic at times especially during storms and burning landscapes and ...

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I hope that whoever it is thinks its worth it in the end when they are sitting in a prison cell. That it was worth causing all this mayhem over video games to mess up peoples' lives just to prove that you can do it by acting like a spoilt immature child because Sony didn't give you what you wanted and because peoples online made fun of you. When you are in your windowless cell reflect on this. Was it TRULY worth it?

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With all the crap going on with PSN at the moment I don't think anyone cares. Try next week.

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Again? Didn't we go through this conversation a million times already. Even if you do lose PSN plus you still keep the games you brought on discount and all the avatars and backgrounds. Whatever Sony gave you it would NEVER be enough.Greed always wins out. Even if they gave everyone free $50.00 PSN cards and handed out free PS3 games in the street, it still wouldn't be enough. While the other company tossed a crappy game in your face for your troubles and everyone was satisfied with t...

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I as a Sony supporter have no idea if what they did was wrong or right. If they had jumping up without fully understanding what had happened and caused a panic for nothing they would have been labelled incompetent and told that they should have made sure they had all the info first before making claims. But by not releasing enough info people are attacking them for taking too long. So what exactly should they have done? Cause mass panic for what could have been nothing or try to find out what...

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I was just saying that. They said that months ago Sony was running outdated software but does that mean that the same still applies to now? Sony themselves stated that their firewalls were up and it does seem strange that no one noticed that their were NO firewalls around their key systems or that they were outdated. I mean someone must have noticed. I know everyone is ready to crucify Sony at the drop of a hat but it makes no sense.If the hacker truly had to go as far as planting a program i...

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I don't know what to say to this. It sounds all wrong. How could they not have up a firewall to their key systems? Isn't that one of the basic things of any network? Is it that they had no firewall or an insufficient one?

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That's the part I don't understand. What are they talking about? This hasn't cost me a thing.

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A few more announcements like this should wash the bad taste of the whole Sony been hacked story out of my mouth. I am glad to see some game related announcements instead of another stupid question asking [email protected] cyborg a new IP would be nice but I am not going to pass up another GOW

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F you all. It was because of people like you that caused this whole hacking crisis from the the start. Just stop talking. Shut up Anon, shut up Geohot, shut up hackers. No one asked you to do anything or fight anyone. I don't care what reason you have or if anyone agrees with me. Stop approving this $hit. No one really cared and no one still cares. Go away!!!!!! Now bring on the disagrees!!!!!

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No problem if it is. I carry around a bag whenever I go anywhere. I doesn't have to fit in my pocket. But I won't be taking a $300 and up handheld around with me too often anyway. To easy for someone to snatch it out of my hands while I am playing or to pick my pocket

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