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too bad 3/4 of those will be delayed until 2012...

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driving around in circles isn't everybody's cup of tea. i don't like a.c. but i'd rather stare at a wall than play a driving game.

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wtf is this spam?

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happy b-day 360. we've had a love/hate relationship but you're my boy and i'll always be there for you.

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is anything on ps3 not delayed?

the fanboys fought long and hard against the "delaystation" label but jesus christ at this point it's the truth. expect 3/4 of the 2011 line-up to be pushed to 2012 too.

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i'm not a big cod fan but all the "cons" are the reason i'm having fun and haven't given up in disgust like every other cod game. the game finally feels fair. i enjoy not getting absolutely raped just because i haven't unlocked the best weapons yet.

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come on guys, move had a head start, it's not fair to compare them yet.

all i've heard about for 4 years was " head start, head start", now all of a sudden that doesn't matter because it benifits certain fan boys?

come on 360 owners, let's use their "logic" against them.

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good list except for heavy rain, that twist should have been obvious to anyone who has ever seen or read any type of thriller or mystery. not to disparage the game but that was pretty hack and cliche.

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the footstep thing is weird especially considering that you sound like a rampaging elephant when you run.

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only about the jews. we can mock blacks, whites, christians, muslims, asians, etc, but besides mort on family guy, how many jewish stereotypes or jokes do you see in the media?

i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that 99% of the media is run by jewish folk, depite being only maybe 1% of the population...

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since it's written by john milius who wrote apocalypse now, red dawn, conan, some episodes of rome, etc, i have no doubt that this is going to have a great story.

i wish more companies that put out war games would hire people like mr. milius or david morrell (who created john rambo) to write their stories. there's so many great writers out there but unfortunately developers would rather get interns to write their plots.

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get a job.

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the only game i'm getting for the rest of this year is splatterhouse.

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the difference is that after you shoot castro, the chick pulls a gun on you.

in "no russian" you were slaughtering unarmed, innocent civilians.

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i agree and i felt the same way about GoW3. those games were just set piece, cut scene, set piece, cutscene, repeat. i thought UC1 was a much better game because it was pure gameplay, they seemed more concerned about providing a total package than constantly trying to "wow" the player in that first game.

games that i think are better than UC2? lords of shadow and vanquish.

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amen lol, it's been the same friggen problems for 4 bleepin years in a row. this is news to people?

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no, a 7 is a 7 no matter who it's from. some reviewers simply aren't dopes who are swayed by popularity or fear a "fanboy backlash".

i don't always agree with edge but they're leagues better than sites like ign that hand out 9s and 10s so often that they're meaningless. anybody who gives cod damn near 10s after 4 years of carbon copy games is effin high.

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to be blunt, alot of "anti" people are simply cranky old men and women who will never, ever get it, especially when it comes to technology. it's better to just let them rant and hope they die quickly.

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neither. either rdr, castlevania, vanquish or mass effect 2 will be goty.

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both. i haven't thought activision was any good since the atari days. their games are just meh.

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