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Baldurs Gate 2 Shadow of Amn easily the best game ever made

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and 4x 1080p on pc

its like a 16% difference between xb1 and ps4

ps4 vs pc is like a 400% difference

but lets focus on ps4 vs xbox1 which is near insignificant with the pc version absolutely crushing both consoles

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#1 starcraft 2
#2 the witcher
#3 stalker
#4 dark souls
#5 morrowind
#6 far cry 3
#7 tomb raider
#8 xenoblade chronicles
#9 age of wonders 3
#10 civ V

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pc version destroys the sub-1080p, choppy frame ps4/xb1/360/ps3 versions

playing in 1600p at 60 frames with Zero jaggies is a sight to behold, cannot even imagine this game at 4k......mmmmmm......4k

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the constant 100% all over the screen in annoying

hopefully that can be disabled

other than that looks cool

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looks freakin awesome

no matter what title it gets, I cannot wait!

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console version was always an afterthought

expect low resolution, bad frames and massive downgrade in visuals as always

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you mean pc.... it will run best and perform best on pc

and be cheaper

and support higher res in the future so one day you can play it in 8k

and it will support 3d

and it will support WAY higher textures, anti aliasing, shadows, draw distance

basically the xbox1 and ps4 versions are near identical compared the giant valley of disparity between the low end ps4/xbox1 versions and the beautifully rendered pc versio...

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for me, off the top of my head,

mass effect 1
dragon age 1
the witcher 1
tes oblivion
far cry 3
bioshock 1
starcraft 2

no particular order

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the fact that not even 1 year in and the resolutions are dropping so fast is disheartening to say the least

sony and ms both FAR under delivered with their hardware

900p and 792p is PITIFUL

good thing its out on pc, I was considering ps4 version to actually use the thing for something other than killzone which I am quite bored with, everything else is on pc with WAY better graphics for less money

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the difference between the ps4 and xb1 versions will be minor

the difference between the pc version and ps4/xb1 will be freaking enormous

calling it now

pc=1080p,1200p,1440p,1600p,3k ,4k,5k,8k

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if you only speak of consoles yes... what you said is true, but......

if you add in pc, the ps4 version would be inferior in every imaginable way, its just that the xbox1 version would be even more inferior

pc will support 1080p native, 1200p native, 1440p native, 1600p native, 3k native, 4k native, 8 k native

3d, occulus rift, 120 frames

way better shadows, lighting, effects, particles, textures, physics, controls and bette...

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the real question is.... is it NATIVE 1080p or some trashy upscale like shadowfall mp?

(love kz sf btw, just that the multiplayer is low res, would rather it been locked 30 frames and native 1080p)

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2560x1600 is a HUGE leap over 1080p

and 4k is on a whole other level

cannot wait till 4k comes down to affordable prices with well know brands, for now I am absolutely fine with my 1600p that looks amazing and crisp and so far beyond 1080p,

totally pumped for the next few years of pc gaming when 4k becomes affordable and even mid spec gpus will handle it with ease!

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these guys make more money in 1 year off than 95% of game developers make in 5 years

they can afford to cater to their fans, and cater they do!!

the witcher 2 regular edition on pc was $39.99 at launch, came with art books, paper sculptures and music cds in a nicer package than many games $99 collectors editions

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already have them on pc and they look and perform WAY better than the ps4 could ever run them

unless they completely remake them in unreal engine 4.....but that would likely be released for pc as well and still run and look 10x better on pc as always

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lol, 8000 x 4500

you do realize that is 18 x higher resolution than the ps4 will ever do in game

18 times higher!!!!

it will look NOTHING like those screens

not nearly as crisp, you are viewing those pix insanely downsized to the point of alleviating all artifacts

expect the real game on ps4 to be a huge down grade

it will still look 10x better than forza on xb1, but those are pc assets you are looking...

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the only way I would consider this is if it was 100% remade in the unreal 4 engine

just to get updated texture resolution, modern anti aliasing and 1080p no thanks

the pc versions I own already do better than that

playing mass effect 3 in 2560x 1600 KILLZ anything the ps4 could ever do with it!

but if they did totally remake it in UE4 I would get this for my ps4

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178 Days Since Release, DICE Confirms Battlefield 4 Still Broken On Console


works FLAWLESS on pc, and looks better than anything ever will on ps4/xb1

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