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I don't understand why a $600 price tag would be considered "expensive"... that's the minimum you need to pay for stable 4K Gaming on a PC - JUST FOR THE GPU... a 4k rig will easily cost over $2,000 even with cutting corners.

MS would be smart to launch this as a $600 - $800 premium console, remember, this is for folks with 4k displays... if someone bought a $600 4k TV from China that's 40", they probably aren't in the market for a brand new ...

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YES! Indeed he was... Today is your last day on Earth!

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Or.... people are sick of our utterly pointless, corporate funded, puppets-for-politicans program and they recognize a candidate that is not for sale.

Crazy? Yep.

Offensive? Yep.

Rich? Yep.

Crazy? Yep.

A politician who back-stabbed his way to the top, hid massive political contributions, took out magical 0% interest loans and tried to hide them, lied under oath about classified documents being leaked, avoide...

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This game was terrible. I tried the preview and it explained nothing; was choppy and I had no clue WTF to do. The interface was clearly ported over via PC with little or no attempt to layer on Xbox UI...

Perhaps I didn't spend enough time with it. Perhaps it still needs a good bit of polish before it's truly "ready".

Not sure; but, I'm confident you need a good bit of time to sink your teeth into this one. Not something I'm willing...

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I will admit, it's such a cool concept - I loved AC1, 2, Brotherhood... but fell off at Revelations, couldn't even find time to try 3, I wanted to play Black Flag so bad too!

Just can't maintain pace with their releases.

Sounds like an awesome den you got... I bet you are checking every day to see if the movie was announced :)

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How does anyone even have time to keep up with this series? Across platforms there's a new AC every two quarters.

I gave up on it... don't need MORE titles to fill in the gaps.

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I bet their shareholders like that min spec!

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How did you take my comment and turn it into the age-old (and amazingly pointless) PC vs. Console debate?

That was quite the tangent my friend.

You even managed to extrapolate hatred from my innocent post. If anything I was criticizing the PC market for pushing GPUs onto people with no tangible benefit (yet) to justify the price tag.

I have 2 gaming PCs and 2 consoles. So I can comfortably remain neutral in this silly debate.

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So... 2 or 3 GPUs beneath the top-tier goliath is what's "required"? Then how the heck:

a.) Have dev kits been circulating for years?
b.) Do console players expect VR this generation?
c.) Do they expect quick adoption of VR?

Meh, there's too many VR solutions racing to the finish line with too few titles/apps/content to get people excited. Right now it's just a buzz word as far as I'm concerned... seems silly for NVid...

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Now he should do the opposite and try to finish the game by killing everything.

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Quantum Break

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I'm at a total loss... I'm pretty sensitive to bugs, maybe I'm just impossibly lucky but I have almost seen no issues with the game!

It's running at a non-stop, smooth as butter 60 fps, never saw a disconnection occur and don't even notice load times.

I'm running it on PC.

What did I do wrong/right? Haha. About 8 hours into it, not a single bug/hiccup and I've blown a lot of $hit up!!

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Dang... Boris the Blade did it again. This guy is seriously impressive. Check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/cha...

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Awesome, looks fun, but what happens when you aren't in a vehicle?

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Yeah, it's fine the way it is... let's stop bashing the ambitious IP's for being potentially repetitive. Fallout not different enough? Really? What's next - Elder Scrolls and GTA not unique enough?

Yet somehow, Battlefield, CoD, and just about every EA sports game out there get a free pass while they make tons of money from hitting ctrl+c and ctrl+v once a year :)

C'mon. Don't lump Bethesda in with that repetitive nonsense.

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Sure, or that :)

I was just suggesting something that could actually happen!

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Ok, if this isn't a clear slap in the face for EA to make a next gen Skate - I don't know what is...

Or, wait, here's an idea EA. Keep recycling the same exact game over and over again instead of doing anything fun or unique!!!

Darn, EA beat me to it!

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That's what I was thinking too... glad someone said it... haha, I ran a modded FO3 and it looked good at the time. But, side by side, you're either crazy or just took a double dose of LSD if you think 3 > 4

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The issue is definitely the hardware taking the hit... but the underlying issue is greed. Both Sony and MS apparently lost money on the hardware sales of XB360 and PS3. This generation was such a small leap forward that they never took losses on the hardware from day 1.

So, previous gen they overspend on the hardware, take a loss and put their best foot forward.

This gen, they underspend on the hardware to save their profit margin, and take a mediocre step f...

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Agreed. They are definitely underpowered - it's become a real annoyance on the console side and the PC side. I'm on both sides for the record.

With under powered consoles struggling to hit a stable 60 fps @ 1080p, you also need to consider the reality that most PC games are limited by this in their own development cycle.

I think we were all just expecting a lot more than we got with this generation. Not sure if it was rushed or the hardware simply di...

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