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One example is Halsin having dramatically less dialogue than any other companion during Act 3. He was added later in development and it shows.

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I loved the game overall, but Act 3's writing is definitely a result of sacrificed quality.

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Princess Peach Showtime is currently in the mid 70s

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Tactics Ogre Reborn was an overall solid product but almost eliminated the concept of builds in the game.
So we'd probably end up with a system where character jobs like Mercenary for Ramza is 80% of the character instead of being freeform.

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Just get the rare enemy fortune before you go to Tartarus. Haven't ever struggled for money because of it.

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Maybe you're not familiar with the behavior of Steam denizens? Every popular game has loads of people that "buy" a game just to leave a shitpost and then refund with no play time.

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But then you still end up with ludicrous examples like Star Citizen.

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"It's still pointless for those who don't need it"

Literally 99.99% of all products.

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This is a such a lame take. This is like asking "What will Amazon do when sales dip after Christmas?" Continue printing money?

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Bruh, all that was a compliment to Reggie.

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Co-op is vital in Remnant cause the game is lame solo. Gear that is locked behind puzzles that have to be done in multiplayer is a system that is going to age poorly.

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What would a custom Spider-man sound effect even be? Thwip?

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No, it's pretty mid. The limit break form itself doesn't do a whole lot in actual combat. It's main use is to regain a bit of hp and add a damage buff for the eikon abilities. It's got way less actual function than KH2 forms.

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The ending of Ragnarok IS the out. That was the whole point of the prophecy showing he has the potential to be a different god instead of one of war.

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It's already been said that they weren't motivated to do anything with the series unless the gang was back together, not really for any legal reasons.

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Might not even get to that, since gamepass doesn't count as a sale.

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"Lol, ofcourse it won't effect their relationship. MS loves money, you think they are going to turn their backs on a billions of dollars"

They literally did that with Starfield. Bethesda had way more sales on PS that they're now losing out on.

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What's being described here is really lacking in substance. A person that worked on a game that may or may not be any good or even exist, is being hired to work on another game.

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Itemization or rather the lack of it was also quite boring. Poncho palette swaps are not a good reward for exploration.

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