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I really can't believe we have articles like this in 2011. Racism may still exist (unfortunately), but it is most certainly a minority condition.

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I don't know why people go to GameStop for trade-ins. If you are that dead set against selling your games on eBay then try Amazon. It has been my experience that Amazon offers much better trade-in values.

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You have it all wrong. It is the non-fiction that is hard to find around here.

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Forget my own soul. I am going to have to start borrowing other people's souls too.

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Netflix should not be expected to offer any reimbursement. They are not responsible for another company's service going down. Netflix customers were still able to stream videos on other devices. In fact it still worked for me even with the PSN being down. I just had to click through the PSN login prompt a couple of times.

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The Joker most certainly uses guns. Batman doesn't, but then the game is about impostors isn't it?

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How can something without moving parts generate that much heat?

CPUs - no moving parts

High-end memory - no moving parts

GPUs - no moving parts (except the fans trying to cool them)

Power bricks - no moving parts

Ovens - no moving parts

Are you stupid?

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You would have to take that up with SOE. SOE and SCEI may share the same umbrella, but they are basically two completely separate entities.

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I don't see why anyone would be expecting reimbursement. The PSN is free, except of course PS+. Since access to the PSN is not a given right, and no money has been paid toward it (except for PS+), then why should anyone receive reimbursement?

Even with PS+ the appropriate action would be to simply extend the subscription by the number of days that the network was down.

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You would not get all of your money back. You would only get trade-in value for the opened disc. The money you would get back would probably be about as much as the money you would save by just buying the PC version on Steam in the first place.

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I know this is not going to be a popular opinion, but the people sending potatoes to Valve are not responsible for feeding the starving children of the world. I know that we like to come together as a collective to fight world hunger, and that is all well and good, but the only people responsible for the starving children of the world are the parents of said children. It is unreasonable to spit venom at people for not giving food to children they are not responsible for in the first place. <...

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Simple solution: Make Sweet Tooth female, and make the female victim a male, and then no one in the world would give a flying f*ck.

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I agree. I hate the level scaling in Oblivion. There is no sense of progression when at level 1, with a wooden sword, it takes 4 hits to kill a wolf, and at level 100, with an infernal sword of face-melting, it takes 4 hits to kill a wolf.

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Removing Other OS had nothing to do with the hardware. That was a software feature. I own the hardware, and I recognize that Sony owns the software. I am perfectly content with that situation. If I ever become discontent with that situation I will simply exercise my right as a consumer to stop supporting the company. It is really that simple.

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I bet Sony will learn to just release a more closed system next time. They opened the system up a bit, and it got abused. They closed it a bit after it got abused and people whined about the feature being removed (not that more than 10 people used it in the first place).

The only solution I see is to just release a closed product in the first place. That way it won't be as easy to exploit, and there won't be anything to take away later.

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Do you really think he will get more people to donate to his cause after he let down the first group of people who donated to him?

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I will not be intimidated by terrorists, cyber or otherwise.

Edit: @below

You are assuming that Anonymous ceased their attack because of honorable intent. It is far more likely that, being the less than honorable type that they are, they simply ceased attacking because Sony hired Prolexic to handle the DDoS situation.

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Ok now imagine that scenario, but with about a million less people. Also, some of the people in Guy Fawkes masks may be accompanied by their mothers. Oh, and there probably won't be any explosions.

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You only say that because you are behind a keyboard. In reality you probably get your lunch money taken from you on a daily basis.

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Bringing down the PSN, and therefore preventing consumers from accessing a service they wish to access, is very anti-consumer. They claim that to be the reason why they stopped the attacks in the first place. Personally I believe it is convenient that they arrived at that conclusion shortly after Prolexic was hired to prevent the DDoS attacks, but whatever.

Do you realize the irony of your comment? You are asking that they perform an anti-consumer act in order to show people ...

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