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Loved the cheesiness of Until Dawn. Man of Medan was good, but never played Little Hope.

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People are screaming for Part 2.

We can't wait xD

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yea, this game is good, but some young millenials have hijacked this and tries to force project their own opinion on others well before they even played the game.

It was the same with Abby for TLOU2 where people spoiled the game well before it was out and where just hateful human beings.

Which goes hand in hand with the current generation of curled people.

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Oh, a youtube link which is over 1 hour and you failed totally to timestamp whatever that you wanted to say. Please come back and explain what exactly you want me to see? I'm not wasting my time looking for you imaginary arguments.

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Oh, now you're just dropping links without timestamping them or making a point for each of them.


What is your argument even? Page shows all the abilities and other shit the game has and you don't even provide what even your claim is here?


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"It wasn't expectation based on wanting it to be like anything else, it was expectation based on what CDPR told us it would be"

Oh, so what did they promise according to you then?

Please point out where they promised:

* gangware mechanics?
* Real interaction with people outside of mission and stories (please do explain what that even means more than your arbitrary opinion)
* "Side content is handed o...

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"No, I've played it on PS4, PS5 and PC, and the world is devoid of just about anything to do but shoot people. The hacking is half arsed and pretty boring. There are no gang warfare mechanics. Stealth is terrible and ultimately pointless. No real interactions with people outside of missions and stories. Side content is handed out stupidly by comms instead of visiting handlers. No mini games. Promised a Gwent level pastime that never appeared. Brain dances kept to missions despite bei...

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Half finished?

It's common that you cut out finished parts because it doesn't add to the overall experience. Games usually go through different revisions before they get a ok where they start to bug test the final product. Calling the world empty is a real hyperbole considering it has one of the more dense details in an open world game.

Play the game with ray tracing with ultra settings and it's like night and day with the console versions. Yo...

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Did beat it on my RTX 2060 and feel bad for last generation players. Game is awesome when it runs as intended.

I really recommend Playstation 5 owners to wait for the next-gen patch that comes out this latter half of the year.

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I was pretty sure that it came with a real map with the game. Legend of Zelda also did.

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I just turned it off for my LG B9.

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I thought the Canon was that both Yuffie and Vincent helped people in Midgar in the same time Cloud and friends fought Sephiroth.

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Just beat the game some month ago.

Was really good. Hopefully it's a free ps5 upgrade.

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Witcher 3 next-gen version is outsourced so CD is not making that.

They are though working on a next-gen ps5 patch that is released sometime this latter half of the year.

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Even if ND has 2 teams they are infamous for only being capable of developing 1 game at a time.

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You can take a look at this:

That's why each game takes so long to translate.

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