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Next article: PS5 sales vs the Atari ST.

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Not very impressive. It seems like the Xbox got big because it was different, not because it had games that other consoles didn't have. Eventually, novelty wears off and it takes selling sub. services to stay afloat.

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It looks like a solid early PS+ game.

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I'll check it out.

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You are welcome.

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Grandma's console is cleaning up the market with Xbox dumpster divin' for scraps.

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Thanks. I'm downloading Titan Quest right now.

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No one needs to get gud. Honestly, I love games like Bloodborne, but none of this should matter. Fun is a choice and one of our last freedoms. People that others how to have fun are just tyrants made out of construction-paper and glue.

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@ I'll chect out some Arx, I heard it was a good game.

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I didn't like their refurbish job on BGate. They didn't fix a whole lot for that game, such as Brage's body doesn't drop unless you do things in a specific manner. I mean with the tech now and they couldn't fix that.... imagine what they would have done to KOTOR.

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Congrats on the union lead. I went ahead and downloaded it anyway. Hopefully they have some more alchemist picks I can use for Kingmaker until I pick up Wrath.

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I got tons for Kingmaker. Most the modders working on these provide top quality and easy to use portraits. Good stuff. Are there new portraits out?

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I must be the only lucky one, because I still have a working PS1 and I don't need to sit it upside down. The latch need to be fixed (you know it is ancient), but I don't need to flip it to play it.

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Not bad for selling 2 different consoles.

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In other news...

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I remember battling throughout the night and then the sun started rising (in game). I thought to myself, "yeah, this is a good game."

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I just played this last month. For the time it was made, it was/is as close to a perfect fantasy experience as possible. In this game you can be a child, or a giant, or a goblin-type, or an elf, or a dwarf and so on. The magic is brutal and the slightly remastered graphics are acceptable and I like the voice acting.

The story was good enough, I just wish the game was bigger. I could live in this game if there was more stuff to do. I am not saying it is a short game, but it ...

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I can't get into the style of the article, but thanks for the heads up.

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