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We (UK) have the opportunity to make the most out of this and motivate Codemasters to churn out an actual decent game that doesn't happen very bloody often!

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Agreed, without Zelda, Nintendo sales would of taken a massive hit.

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Here's one of few articles, suppose they were just rumours or click bait like they did with the PS4.

Just always remember controversy in the beginning with second hand games.

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Define successful? Wii U became profitable, Wii was one of the best selling systems ever.

Nintendo has sold the best selling handhelds ever.

Nintendo Switch interest exploded prelaunch and have been strong since launch, again please define successful?

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Didn't Sony try this when PS3 launched, making out you could not trade in your games?

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lol what's next? How Lesbians couldn't quite put their finger on it?

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Were taught to treat everyone the same, but now discovering new ways to separate ourselves from the rest.

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The number 1 spot genuinely surprised me, especially as it was cross platform.

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Nothing like holding an expensive and breakable piece of kit while playing a game with jump scares. Wonder how many screens will be cracked as they flung in the air by instinct.

Possibly best played on the big screen, be on the safe side 😜

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When the project loses "steam" lol

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It will pit emphasis of software against hardware, Scorpio with launch titles to oppose Playstation's influx of titles that impacts the larger audience.

Scorpio is in our conscience, for a good while we've watched, speculated and rumoured. Sony has greater mystery shrouding what's in store, while at the moment we are also aware Microsoft has serious work ahead to increase the volume of exclusives.

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Me too, well not for beer money anyway...

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Whoever bought the Nintendo Switch should have thought of it as a long term investment, the writing was clearly on the wall when it came to the limited number of releases in the coming months.

I do believe the Switch will garner more support, it's linking into the home console and handheld market as a single device, smart money would suggest a greater number of support in comparison to the Wii U.

Graphically it will soon be outpaced, it's underpow...

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At the end of the day no one can predict the future, I am glad the writes were sold on its own merit because the writing is brilliant.

Having a game with such strong and consistent context is most impressive, some games are barely able to pull off a basic story concept correctly.

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It's an opinion piece, I do still enjoy my Wii U, which includes accepting all the lack of third party support amongst the list of its shortcomings.

What's admirable about the system and Nintendo, is that so much effort & quality went into their exclusives.

A failing system yes, but Nintendo continued putting a lot of heart and soul into the first party titles.

In one respect it does remind me of the Dreamcast days slightly,...

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Woah the words "Free" and "Content" are being used this gen?!

Keeping things fresh without bleeding the consumer dry?

Praise to the developer.

We happily pay rich Dlc and receive free extras to make our investment even more rewarding. We should happily boycott micro transactions and hold weekly witch-hunts to any that even conjure such a thought of implementing it into their games!

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Playing Resident Evil 6 was good, thinking it as a Resident Evil game still threatens to trigger migraines, it was a competent action game trying to continue a franchise built storyline only to hermitage loop holes and illogical set pieces.

Resident Evil 7 was a turn that needed to be made, return to focus on the horror element that made Resident Evil famous to begin with.

Was Resident Evil 7 perfect? No.

Had they not changed their crea...

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Was a PS3 ever in development or announced?

I always thought the Xbox 360 port rumours faded a few months before PS3s release.

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Switch is decent and marketed to high heaven.

Vita was and still is an impressive handheld experience, plus the games available on PS Store is a hefty amount.

If a second Vita does come along, it could succeed, so long as it intergrates with PS4, backwards compatibility and PlayStation Now.

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Love how it's come full circle lol

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