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Yes. Most pc's have hdmi ports so you can plug them into a tv just like a console.

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Its mostly a matter of razing the dots per inch it records in, shouldnt actually be too hard. Most trackpads are just cheap.

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I like the theory that he's going to come back to voice the big boss clones. It would make the most sense, it would get a bit confusing if there were three or four characters that all looked similar and sounded identical. Plus they could say sutherlands voice is supposed to sounder older and gruffer.

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^Enojay "Only on xbox gold"?

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They did that on purpose. The gameplay was supposed to be a little janky, its part of the game being a genre deconstruction.

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I totally agree. I would be totally into a new arcanum game or even a re release of the original with some touch ups. Though that being said I would really be into any non standard rpg at this point, there's still mostly just high fantasy with a serious of lack of steam, or cyber punk.

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To be fair there probably are a whole bunch of games that would work but sony hasn't thoroughly tested them or gotten them legally approved to sell to vita users yet.

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In fairness its kinda hard to count a game thats essentially the same as the previous one with minor upgrades.

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How exactly does it not look like other cod games? I noticed the characters had the same kind of weird plasticy hard looking skin. They didn't show any gameplay, and I'm pretty certain most of the cool looking stuff they showed in the trailer will either be non interactive or QTE based. It looks like they potentially added more techy stuff like elysium style mech suits, but I can't see them actually changing the core gameplay around much, they guns will still handle much the same ...

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It would be nice if they gave the option to play the pc one in console mode.

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You seem to have a lack of understanding as to what replayability is. It refers to a game not being completely linear and ending after your finished the main campaign. Its the difference between a on rails fps and fallout or skyrim or other open world games.

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It really wasn't that bad. The quests were quite well written, and the gameplay was quite different than any other mmo I've played. Mainly in that it was first person and more action rpg than click and timer based rpg, it had a quick fluid feel too it. The attacks even felt less flaily than skyrim did which is a bonus for sure. That being said it was very buggy and definitely needs some work with difficulty and balance.

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I pre ordered it from green man games and got it for thirty because I was able to put two sale codes on it. So this isn't that bad for me.

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sony just released all their development software for free on an open source license. They are pretty much letting indies publish to sony platforms for next to nothing. MS has so far to go to even catch up to where sony is with indies that they wont even be close without taking some drastically un microsoft measures.

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you know for a thing that can essentially replace your tv as far as gaming goes, and will have far superior image quality compared(fov, refresh rate, as3d) to a tv. 3-400 really isn't breaking the bank.

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Not sure about the new one but unity 4 only goes up to 8x aa, though devs can write their own aliasing packages for it. I've seen a couple fxaa ones that can be easily dropped in that are floating around the web.

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It irritates me that all these AAA devs aren't allowed to delay release dates at all. If a game isn't done they should be allowed to hold it back a while to make sure its ready.

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How about the abysmal performance on pc and the lack lustre graphics. I'd actually say one of the things wrong with it is the unreal engine its made in. Definitely could have made a better choice there.

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I use mine for multitasking. I'll often be playing movies on one and do programming in another. When I was learning to program I would often have a tutorial video on one screen and follow along on the second.

As far as gaming related uses go I've often enjoyed playing civ v or crusader kings on one screen while watching stuff on the other.

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