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@Pimpdaddy - Very well said, and nice intellectual response to and ignorant group of counter arguments.

Bubbles up.

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Why does it matter so much to you that MS only put out 1 or 2 exclusives last year. Here's what's funny to me, ONLY the PS3 fanboys are complaining about the lack of 360 exclusives. You guys wouldn't have bought the games if the 360 had 10 exclusives. And as a 360 gamer I know damn well you don't give a damn about me or what I get on my 360.

360 out sold the PS3 deal with it and stop being such babies, have you thought about it on a different front. Sony h...

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@Morpheuzpr - Now that was a dumb comment. Says a lot about how delusional people can be.

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Hmm, don't see why oohwii got a couple of disagrees. Everything he said about PC gaming is trye form my experience and I have been doing PC gaming all of my life.

Does the hate on this site go so far the truth doesn't really matter?

Either way, oohwii, I see you.

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@garos82, unlike you obviously I can careless about a damn bubble. Also, I checked...360FTW1 is not being used, thanks though, if I need to make a second account I know what name is available. Douche.

@IRetrouk, dude I'm just quoting what I say with my own eyes; a sony slide that they produced to the world stating that they sold 41.6M PS3s world wide. Whether they are wrong or right, the slide said what it said.

Why exactly does that provoke you to...

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@Sam Fisher

You can be an american all you want but your sorry ass don't speak for me.

To be honest with you, your comment stands on its own to show how ignorant you are.

Because the 360 sells well in america, the entire country is blind and make "really bad decisions" You are right about one thing, your dumb ass made a bad decision to make such a stupid comment.

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Funny, cause the other day when Sony said they sold 41.6M PS3 world wide, you guys said they were in error. Funny how that works. :)

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@PostApocalyptic - Seriously though, why do you care?

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@IRetrouk - yet you chose not comment at all on Vherostar's rabid comment.

Yeah dude, nice try.

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Those numbers equate to 56% sold on the 360 and 44% sold on the PS3. I'd say that's pretty big difference especially when you consider we're talking almost 20M units.

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Amen Brother! Bubbles up!

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"So why does the PS3 version of some multi-platform games look somewhat less impressive?"

Hoops just explained that above. 3rd party developers don't have the resources to put a bunch of extra time debugging and polishing games for the PS3 and still expect to make a good return on their investment.

1st and 2nd Party developers have better support and are being subsidized by Sony. Therefore they can put more time and effort into their titles...

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The exact point the writer of this article was trying to make. Thanks HolyOrangeCow... you're the rabid psyco fanboy he was describing.

And even with all the smack you talked above, your precious Sony/PS3 has been knocked down a peg and you are pissed. No need to try and spin it with you paragraphs of smoke and mirrors.

Who else would type 40 - 50 lines of non-sense to make a pointless point?

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I don't see why this is something that someone should feel a need to write an article about. Who gives a rat's ass whether it sold out or not?

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Is it just me or does anyone elses arms get tired when using the sharpshooter?

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@Karlnag3, I'll have to agree with Douchedebater you are being an ASSHOLE. No one likes a smartass!

People mis-spell things on this site all the time, it a damn video game website not an english seminar. There is always some mr know-it-all dickhead talking shit and being a jerkoff.

Self righteous asses like you piss me off. Go play a damn game or something, seriously people like you make me sick.

What a dick! And I agree you ar...

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@Da Truth - Seriously?

I don't know how you guys get caught up on all of your own BS, but I played KZ3 for about an hour and a half last night and I seriously don't understand what all the hype is about.

It's just your typical shooter, it really isn't all that great. Don't get me wrong it's a good game but it's far from what you guys try to make it out to be.

OMT, this graphics are very good, but once again ...

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I agree because Alien races with jetpacks is definitely more realistic than, whipping people into the air and kicking them then shooting them....wait.

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@Dragon...If you want to clarify something, why don't you speak on why all these PS3 fanboys are talking crap about shipped numbers.

I agree with Douchedebater, you guys are ignoring what it really is. This is why PD didn't say shipped because they knew saying sold would make them look better and make their FANBOYS happier.

You're the one that needs to get over it.

Say it as you may, you know just as well as everyone else,...

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That's true

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