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I get excited by the video
I see the price then everyone hears

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Nope they should have the ET game treatment

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Ps360 you clearly DIDN’T READ🤦🏿 his comment beginning with FROM THE VIDEO COMMENTS

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@ pork Microsoft created the PAY FOR DLC ON CONSOLES

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Microsoft did good pushing online and it made the gaming industry better but screwed us all up with the PAY FOR ONLINE PLAY what at the time was free paying for expansion packs that at the time was FREE money hating developers for time exclusive of third party games starting charging for micro transactions of content that previously was free like the FABLE $5.99 horse “armor”

Yes Microsoft have done some good for the industry but it has done some bad as well and should be p...

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@Ryushaa 5 minutes is a eternity to a troll🤷🏿

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@Cuzi congrats enjoy it

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I would love a faceplate added to collector edition of games or faceplate and controller combo imagine a Spider-Man 2 faceplate and controller together 😍 or any of your favorite new games

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Damn some comments should come with a
WARNING BIG WALL TEXT AHEAD in big red letters 🤦🏿

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Every single game will soon be a service game.
Aaaaand that’s when I quit gaming 😢

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🤦🏿The title is very original 🤦🏾
Wouldn’t a better title be
halo infinite is a refreshing new life to the halo franchise

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@ultranova try been black, Hispanic or any other dark color minority in America.
You always fit the description of a suspect or they got a call about people loitering even tho you just got off work and on the way to the train station a block away 😡

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Save me a imperial stout I’ll be there soon

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There’s no thrill like the smell of new things specially when you know you’re going to have fun with it for a long time. 🤷🏿
With digital you don’t get that satisfaction plus once the company decides they’re not making enough money they close the servers and you are left with fading memories and a bitter taste of not having a object you can see and remember the old days

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@obscure 🤔 that sound like MINDCRAFT familiar 🤔

Do you know something we don’t if so we need tangible/traceable proof and not a “ guts feeling” because your guts aren’t Nostradamus level.
Personally if it goes ether way it doesn’t affect me I’m not a rpg player but I highly doubt that Microsoft will keep it exclusive for more than a year at most if at all

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LOL 😂 logic not a halo fan is like is like a Nintendo fanboy not been a Mario fan 🤦🏿
Like a open book easy to read 🤷🏿

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@badz read your own link next time before you fail to troll Sony isn’t slowing production they are lowering their forecast for the fiscal year from 16 million units to 15 BECAUSE OF PART SHORTAGE, but hey let’s just read a article headline and ASSume what you hope to be.

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Congrats to Microsoft and its fan base the game looks amazing and fun as all first party games should.

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@hofta nope more like NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox don’t even think about going to Boston with a NYY shirt or the other way

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