Battlefield 3 Or Bust...


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buying 2 aswell.. first for ps4 and a later date on PC for all of the mods!!

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I feel your pain Septic, I seem to collect every exotic except the Horn and I've owned the game since launch

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try out this website

Its for people who want to find other players out there to help out with raids, strikes and even daily heroics...

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What? you're fighting for ethical journalism? That's an oxymoron..all corporate journalism has their own agendas. MSBC CNN FOX??

Where was gamergate when battlefied 4 gta 5 dropped and had broken online multiplayer but garnered 9s and 10s across the board??

Your hate for these women gives you some sort of sudden moral hypocritical highground to now past judgment.

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Gamergate has made me ashamed to call myself a gamer.. The same apologist and the people who made the heinous threats against these women are the same people who will call me a Ni&&&r the second they find out I'm black in a match of Call of duty...

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The strategy in this game is unreal once you think about it.. Just found a helmet that binds enemies who enter my titans ward of dawn.

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Same here,

I dont think I was the only one looking forward to all the DLC that I saw in that video.

Oh well back to Destiny!

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I loved this game back in the day.. It had an interesting backstory with each fighter and moveset. Wouldnt mind a reboot...

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awesome thanx for the info..

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Who wants to bet that H1Z1 will release first and be more stable then this neverending alpha??

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I really enjoyed dayz on steam but it never seemed to get out of beta or get a fully working version of it. Im so looking forward to this on my ps4 whenever they get the ps4 version realesed...

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No complaints here.. just do specificly what the author wrote:

1. Avoid the 4hr & 30/90 day rentals.
2. Stick to $5.85/ week rentals.
3. ????
4. Profit.

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I Wasn't too pleased that they were gonna release this game so soon after bf4. And I really felt this would be a expansion pack if it was released back in the days of BF1942 or BF2.

It didnt merit a $60 price tag. I might consider getting it now next year if they put some time and effort into the game.

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I also joined built up my PC using google youtube etc etc. Although as of late.. I wonder if I wasted my time energy and money(over $1000) because my PS4 gets much more gaming time than my PC

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I built my PC rig from scratch last year. And it took me 2 months to figure out how easy it was to pirate PC games. Heck, I didnt even need to spend $100 on purchasing the windows OS.

Steam sales are fine and I admit that they're quite awesome but these games dont drop in price as everyone thinks they do. You'll wait an upwards of a year for a newly released games to hit $30-$40..

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Software piracy is the only thing holding PC gaming back.. Which is why sales always favor the consoles on the big mulitplatform titles.. publishers follow the money as well and that's why they sometimes favor console over PC..

Eg Red Dead redemption Gta 4/5 etc etc

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Fans think that they have ownership of their favorite developers, sports teams/players just because they bought video games or season tickets. Supporting a franchise doesn't entitle you to decide how that franchise runs it's business..

Geesh are Xbox fans gonna start burning their old copies of Halo just like Miami/Clevland fans burned Lebron James jersey???

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Great I'll use this to access betas and release dates much earlier now.. can't wait till July 17th so I can try this out on Destiny.

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I also preodered on PlayStation network as well and i didn't get my beta key on my receipt. But this resolves everything.

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The changes look great. . I can't wait till thisn game finally drops

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