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Lying, Trolling and the N4G Bubble Effect

Firstly, I want to make it clear that this is by no means a direct attack on any n4g user in particular as it is more an opinion on a way of thinking or frame of mind. Due to the topic at hand it is imperative that I utilize direct comments from certain members of n4g in order to bring across the entire point of this blog and draw attention to what I would consider the general issue. With that being said should any member take personal offense to my blog then I apologize beforehand but please bear in mind everything I post here is easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection. It is not private information.

One of the most controversial topics on n4g is the bubble system. For years people here have argued about its fairness and the manner in which it is awarded. Depending on who you ask you will get a host of opinions on whether the bubble system actually makes sense, works or is worth keeping. From what I’ve been told n4g will be redone in the future and part of that change will be the removal of the bubble system. I have no idea how true this is so I cannot vouch for its validity but one thing I can say is that should that happen I would probably cease to comment on this site. In no way am I saying that removing it would be a right or wrong decision, I believe that n4g staff knows what is best for their website, so I think should they remove it they would be doing what they believe needs to be done, but it would deter me personally from commenting
Why? One word, trolling. There is a general consensus here among certain members that the bubble system is abused to allow certain other members to achieve high bubble counts and restricts other members from having the same privilege. To put it more bluntly, some xbox supporters claim that sony members have a lot of bubbles while xbox supporters quickly lose their bubbles. Personally I find this statement to be false as I can show numerous xbox supporters that have between 7 – 10 bubbles and numerous playstation supporters that have 4 -1 bubble. I have seen die hard PS supporters that closed their accounts and started new ones due to losing all their bubbles.

What I don’t think people look at and are honest about is the reason why some people lose their bubbles. There is a difference between saying something that most people may not agree with and saying something that is so mind numbingly ridiculous that it borders on trolling. Case in point is this comment here When someone can make a comment that is bordering on wilful dishonesty you have to ask yourself, do you want to read a thread where someone has unlimited opportunities to peddle false information and derail a conversation? What about this one Trying to derail a post with false information that was proven to be inaccurate in the very next comment.

In no way am I saying that they are the only ones who do that as I myself have been marked on a number of occasions & My point is that there are people on all four corners of the playing field that make comments that are ridiculous and deserve being marked down, but there are some members that seem to make it a habit of deliberately spreading false information and making comments that seem to be for no other purpose than to get a reaction out of people. Whether or not people should react is not the point.

From my observation people with diminishing bubbles, 90% of the time, tend to deserve getting their bubbles removed. There are some members of n4g that I do not agree with on almost every topic and sometimes we may even become very direct and overly sarcastic with one another, yet I do not think they deserve to lose their bubbles simply because we may aggressively disagree. There are others on the other hand that I constantly ask myself why their accounts have not been banned.

At the end of the day I see the bubble system as a last line of defence to having meaningful proper debate, and sometimes some good humour, without having to deal with constant comments that serve to only frustrate and degrade the commenting process. Is it perfect? No, but something not being perfect isn’t a reason to eliminate it, if that was the case we would all be dead.

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Rimeskeem2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Thank you for blogging this.

I personally feel that sarcasm should not be considered trolling because it is a JOKE. When you are using sarcasm you are making a joke (maybe its bad) but that means you are not serious and therefore should not be punished for it. And when it says off topic instead of trolling I also find that annoying because its avoiding the trolling report because its sarcasm.

I dont think sarcasm should be trolling or off topic. If someone puts a /s at the end the comment is not serious and therefore should not be considered offensive.


I also think there needs to be a system to catch people who make new accounts to get more bubbles.

johndoe112112135d ago

I think it's something that would need to be decided on a case by case basis. There are people that would make extremely inappropriate comments and just place a /S after it in order to escape being penalized. That may be abused if not kept in check.

Rimeskeem2135d ago

True, if the account abuses it they should be shut down. It would be obvious if they were abusing it plus that could be considered trolling.

Lukejrl2134d ago

People can't handle case by case basis. They would say "but so and so did it and did not get punished" even though the so and so guy had different circumstances. That is why zero tolerance exists, much to my dismay.

bouzebbal2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

i found this thread on the side by accident and i am gonna give my take on this for once.
Bubble system is completely useless to me. This is an entertainment website before everything else. I say what i have to say the way i want to say it without caring about bubbles. losing or gaining a bubble really means the same to me.
I most of the time post only one time per thread and i don't go back to it anyway.

what i would like to be added is the possibility to see who is agreeing and disagreeing.

Christopher2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

***I personally feel that sarcasm should not be considered trolling because it is a JOKE. ***

That just turns sarcasm into an easy way to avoid being called out for trolling. Sarcasm that is trolling will remain trolling.

Note that "sarcasm" isn't against the TOS. But, using sarcasm to troll is.

This will not change from how it is moderated right now. Same way we won't be allowing racist remarks or the like just because someone said them sarcastically or as a joke.

***I also think there needs to be a system to catch people who make new accounts to get more bubbles.***

That system exists, but good luck catching everyone considering how easy it is to create them in today's online world unless we start just banning countries by IP or something.

***but there are some members that seem to make it a habit of deliberately spreading false information and making comments that seem to be for no other purpose than to get a reaction out of people***

And we try to catch them, but there's no hard line on what is what. And this is the issue. Much like everything else in the world, everyone has an opinion of what is trolling, what isn't, as well as when is it really trolling because of x, y, and z and when isn't it.

We try our best to moderate things as best as possible. But, that's not possible from everyone else's view. We realize that and we go on trying to do our best, because trying to please everyone just isn't going to happen.

Rimeskeem2135d ago

Ok fair enough. Just sharing my opinion. Thank you for readying my comment and responding though. Shows that you guys are listening :)

johndoe112112135d ago

Ok, i'm a little confused. That comment was in no way directed at any of the moderators of the site nor was it meant to be used to gauge whether you guys do or don't do your jobs. You have hundreds of comments a day and only about 10 mods, it would be almost impossible for 10 mods to catch every trolling comment.

It was just meant to draw attention to the fact that some people tend to abuse freedom of speech. Personally I think that posting false statements should be considered trolling because it heavily derails the discussions. I have seen people on here continually make comments about the 360 outselling the ps3 last gen. Everyone and their mother knows that that isn't true yet some people come here and spout it just to create controversy.

All sides do it, PC XBOX, Playstation and Nintendo fans alike, so I'm not just targeting any one particular group. I think that by watching someones comment history it is very easy to know when they are deliberately spreading false info, trolling or when they are making an honest mistake by not knowing all the facts.

You are 100% right when you say that you can't please everyone and that at times it may be difficult for you guys to determine what trolling is, but I think it would be important to take into consideration comment histories at certain times.

I think it's even more difficult to determine when someone is being off topic because I have seen people on all sides marked for off topic unjustly (at least in my opinion). Again, it goes back to what I may not think is off topic may very well be based on the site rules.

I don't think you guys always get it right, but at the same time that would be impossible to do because it all has to be done based on personal views and everyone views things differently. No one should expect you to get it right all the time, it's just a matter of doing it as best as you can.

gangsta_red2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago ) can write a blog and directly link and call out two members of the community and not be warned or have the blog fail?

But if you do the same in a comment you'll be marked as trolling or off topic. How is that even fair?

So all one needs to do is write a blog explaining how for example, "people are hypocrites" or "known trolls" and then link their comments as examples and this is considered okay?

This doesn't seem fair, this blog could have been written with Johndoe's points made without the use of having to link and bring to the attention of those two members of N4G.

johndoe112112134d ago


I also linked my own comments where I was also marked and admitted that I too have been guilty of such sins. I also clearly stated that it was not an attack directed at those people whose comments I used, but was an issue with many, if not all members, some more than others. I used those two because they were the ones that I could remember most recently that proved the point I was making.

I used links because it would have made the blog way too long to copy and paste everything, and I cannot see how I can make a blog talking about the issue of bad commenting without showing proof of what I was talking about.

gangsta_red2134d ago


I have no problem with linking your own comments since...well they're your own comments. But intentionally linking others will bring unnecessary attention to them from this site more rabid fanboys and in my opinion singles them out for intentions of just busting them out for not being marked as "trolling" in your own opinion.

You can talk about comments made or comments that you have seen without dragging actual links from people into your blog. Imagine if I wrote a blog and purposely linked your comments and called your comments willfully spreading false information, trolling and anything else that puts you in a bad light. But I just used the false pretense of "examples" as an excuse to bust you out and vent my frustration on a specific fan base?

I'm sure you would not be happy about it since I would imagine those comments I might have linked you strongly felt they were justified or right.

It's not allowed in the comment section it shouldn't be allowed in blogs.

Gazondaily2134d ago

Oh I don't envy you Christopher in your job of moderating this falafel. If I were a mod, half the people on this site would be banned....including myself.

johndoe112112134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

@gangster red

Dude, I honestly do not care if you or anyone else link to any of my comments to prove any point you want to, I'm not 12. This is the Internet, nothing is hidden. If you think you can use one of my comments to prove I'm a hypocrite then by all means do it. The onus would then be on me to prove otherwise.

And the reason I chose those two quotes had nothing to do with the fact that I thought I was right because I CLEARLY stated that I was guilty of trolling. I used those two because I have 99 pages of comments and after checking through the first 35 pages I only found 3 incidents of me being marked down. I used those two because they were the easiest to find when linked. Please feel free to go through my comment history to verify.

I'm not a 6 year old who thinks he always needs to be right and I clearly stated I have been guilty of trolling. I am not defending myself in any way and if that is how you are seeing it then something is seriously wrong with your line of thinking.


What the heck does that have to do with anything? You completely took my comment out of context. It had nothing to do with calling them out because they were excited, it had to do with a bunch of them claiming they never said dx12 would be a game changer for the xbone and I linked to those comments to show they were downright lying.

My second comment was 100% accurate as the topic was about FIRST PARTY EXCLUSIVES, not just exclusives. And at that point there were next to no announcements of first party exclusives other than the ones I mentioned. There still aren't. Please, show me the list of first party exclusives that Microsoft are releasing between now and the end of 2016. And please, do not mention any of the ones I stated.

And you just proved my point as to why the bubble system is so important.

Elit3Nick2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

I somewhat agree that this blog seems to target xbox sh*tposters more than anything else. If you make an article targeting trolling and the abuse of the bubble system, then it's only fair you show examples from both sides. Being in the other camp, it's often disheartening seeing trolls getting lots of agrees on xbox articles with anyone trying to call them out getting drowned in downvotes and de-bubbled. It really feels like we have nowhere to go to have an enjoyable discussion without interference from fanboys. Great blog anyways, I'm curious to see how the site will handle trolls after the bubble system is changed/gone.

gangsta_red2133d ago

“I honestly do not care if you or anyone else link to any of my comments to prove any point you want to, I'm not 12. This is the Internet, nothing is hidden.”

I think you do, especially after your response to Rookie.

But that’s not my point here, my point is that you could have easily discussed the bubble system, the types of trolling comments and anything else related without singling out those two posters. And it’s funny that this blog was approved, because if something similar was done in the comment section it would have been marked as trolling.

All this does is let people know that all you need to do is write a blog about how “trolls get away with it” and then start linking people you have a problem with as “examples”.

You clearly singled out those two specific users in your blog (that were not marked as trolling) and in some way it looks like you are shining a light on them while asking, “why weren’t these guys marked for these comments that I feel are trolling?”. Also you writing “I do it too” doesn’t absolve you narcing out those two individuals. It just makes me wonder if one of your intentions was to shine a light on those two under the topic complaining about the bubble system.

johndoe112112133d ago


"I think you do, especially after your response to Rookie."

My issue with his response is that he deliberately misrepresented the point of both of my comments he used in response. That is exactly why I used his comment in my blog as it seems he completely proved my point. He may not have been marked for trolling but his comment was completely false and filled with misinformation. Obviously you don't see that as a problem which speaks volumes of your line of thinking.

"You clearly singled out those two specific users in your blog"

"Also you writing “I do it too” doesn’t absolve you narcing out those two individuals."

I didn't just say "i do it too", I also linked to my comments just as I linked to theirs.

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GribbleGrunger2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

I'm all for democracy and freedom of speech, so as much as I rail against those people that deliberately ruin threads, I can't condone banning. Yes, it makes it more comfortable for people who just want a nice conversation, or a heated debate, or even some gentle banter, but the bottom line is we haven't got the right to shut another person down. Who knows, perhaps they'll change or perhaps we're wrong.

I think the bubble system should stay but it should change to a reputation system instead. Everyone gets ten bubbles and keep those ten bubbles throughout their stay on N4Gs. Each of those bubbles are initially green but as people receive negative reputation they turn red. Just keep it at the same ratio we have now.

This gives us a better overview of their posting habits. Perhaps they've got nine green bubbles and one red bubble. We can deduce from that they're not too bad and are prone to make stupid remarks occasionally. Obviously someone with ten red bubbles is never going to be taken serious so regardless of how many times they lie, the lie just won't wash.

Now, all we would need is a filter for anyone with ten red bubbles, and we wouldn't have to see their posts again. If they then pop back up on our radar, we know they've improved and earned a green bubble or two.

For potential bans there is always the 'report' option.

TwoForce2134d ago

That's very good written.

TwoForce2134d ago

Wow, dude. This very good information and interesting read. I agree with him.

Gazondaily2134d ago

Lol cool man. I was just making a light hearted joke. No disrespect intended

SniperControl2133d ago

In some quarters, your comment could be construed as trolling itself. :P

magiciandude2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

I am not going to say who this comment is written by, but this still bothers me to this very day and I lost most respect for the N4G bubble system as a result:

"I don't think a lot of PS4 owners would care if the console received BC. They have other options anyways which are just as good (IMO), like the rental service PSNow, not to mention the remasters that Sony are offering at the moment.

Don't know if PSNow is available everywhere but it definitely has potential to be the go to place to play a huge back catalog of playstation games."

Guess what this comment got marked for...


There's no trolling at all in this comment and the user doesn't deserve getting marked for it. This bubble system should've been eliminated long ago...

johndoe112112134d ago

Even though I agree with you that that comment should not have been marked for trolling, getting rid of the bubble system will not eliminate that problem. Almost all comment applications give you the ability to report comments and have them removed or blocked, it happens all the time. The reason why the bubble system is necessary is to eliminate trolls from derailing discussions on articles.

I've seen it with disqus all the time. Someone would constantly be posting trolling, unnecessary and false statements trying to bait commentors just so they can get some sort of sick sense of satisfaction. The bubble system is a good way to eliminate that sort of behavior.

we all know that there are some people here on N4G that are notorious for making comments they know to be not true or very controversial just to show some sort of sick dedication to a brand. I'm not talking about the ones that make arguments that you may not agree with, i'm talking about the ones that are known to be downright fanatics and and tend not show the ability to reason. We all know there are people like that here. People like that need to be limited in terms of the amount of drivel they can spout.

I think it would be a sad day if the bubble system is removed, however I would admit that it could probably be managed a little better. But as I stated in my comment above, there are only so many mods, it would be impossible for them to catch everything.

gangsta_red2134d ago

Well I can honestly say that the comment Magiciandude is referring to is mine and as you all can see I was marked trolling for it.

The reasons given is hilarious and just another reason why I feel this site and it's bubble system is not fair and really restricts people from voicing their opinion that doesn't align with the majority of the community.

garrettbobbyferguson2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Should it have been hidden for trolling? Probably not. Can I see why it was hidden for trolling? Yes. You're undermining a very consumer oriented feature by saying that people can just pay more money for what they already own. It doesn't surprise me that front page members of this website saw that as trolling.

gangsta_red2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

"You're undermining a very consumer oriented feature by saying that people can just pay more money for what they already own."

No where in my comment does it even suggest that. And if that is the reason for it being marked it only goes to prove my point on how wrong this community can interpret something and punish them for not agreeing.

Rookie_Monster2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Gamgsta, the two examples you provided with your own quotes are in no way shape or form should be marked as trolling.

That is a perfect example of why giving the power to the community doesn't work.

Revolver_X_2133d ago Show
gangsta_red2132d ago


Read over half the comments on that page or on N4G and you'll see most sony fan don't care about BC and would rather buy remasters. It's a fact, nothing made up or me having to lie about it.

And I honestly think PSNow is a killer app. But I guess me being an Xbox fanboy I can't have any opinion on the PS4.

And what are you Revolver? Some beacon of objectivity and reasoning? At least folks can have an honest convo with me or Rookie without having to resort to calling names or having to make fun of someone, unlike you.

"so people like you can just be open about your fanboyism without fear of being silenced."

So people like you can go around calling others names, making fun of them and adding nothing to this community that's of substance or worthwhile reading? Hmmmmm...maybe the bubble system does work...

That's the real punchline to your joke.

Raziel8932131d ago

@red adding nothing to the convo huh. so basically what you do on a daily basis?

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Godmars2902134d ago

More than a fair amount of delusion there if its not trolling. And trolling at its core is as much as it is annoying someone as trying to prove that you're right.

Godmars2902134d ago

Naw. I've run into too many fanboys who either pull something out their @$$ only to either finally admit that they did, or continue to double down even when presented with quotes from devs and publishers that contradict their stance.

These are arguments on the internet: fact and truth often get in the way of opinion and feels.

gangsta_red2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Here's the problem with this bubble system, the community supposedly runs it. When you have an honest opinion or statement that the community doesn't agree with then they can mark you as trolling. Even if that comment isn't trolling at all.

For example...

I honestly would like to see a multiplayer mode in Horizons. Not only was I completely railed on, called names and rioted against, but everyone who trolled me got away with it and as a final slap I was the one marked as "trolling".

I was told "the community" did this which I find very doubtful especially considering the very links you yourself provided have not been marked as trolling and way more controversial with a lot more disagrees. I refuse to believe people would disagree but not mark as "trolling" also.

So my question is, exactly who in the community has this power to mark comments as trolling? And shouldn't comments like these be reversed since they're not trolling? If we allow the community to dictate what should and shouldn't be said then we'll just have a hive like mind that will punish anyone who thinks differently. We'll have people scared to voice their opinion in fear of being marked as a troll by the community and losing a bubble which in turns means losing more of their voice.

"Personally I find this statement to be false as I can show numerous xbox supporters that have between 7 – 10 bubbles and numerous playstation supporters that have 4 -1 bubble."

I personally find this statement false my self. I can also find way more Sony supporters with far more bubbles than Xbox and even less for Nintendo fans.

Gazondaily2134d ago

The problem is the lack of transparency. Its all based on your trust rank and we can't see that.

So if you give the community the power here, it being quite as one sided as it is, you're inevitably going to 'suffer' if you're in the minority.

I don't know how I have 10 bubbles tbh but I expect I'll face that stealth 2 bubble removal soon based on accrued down votes from my lovely fans hehe.

Will this new fabled system make its way soon? Its more elusive than Half Life 3 at this stage.

Christopher2134d ago

Re: Trust rank

Are you saying that we should leave people who just go around and down vote everyone with the same trust rank as you and gangsta_red?

That's about the only use trust rank has, preventing downvote trolls from just taking everyone's bubbles.

Otherwise, I also can't wait until bubbles are gone.

gangsta_red2134d ago

I think what Septic is saying is we should see ours and other's Trust Rank and also view exactly who is down voting our comments.

Transparency is the key and would probably make your job of administrating this site a lot more easier. I am sure, almost positive that you get 100+ PM's asking why their comment was marked.

Seeing who and why marked you may cut those PM's down to about 50+.

Gazondaily2134d ago

Nah Christopher I'm not saying that. I'm just saying why there's so much ambiguity because of it.

Honestly,I have no idea about what should replace the current system. I've heard a lot about this open zone malarkey though. If it is what I think it is, I can't wait to unleash my final form, with expletives and all.

I used to care a lot about this bubble malarkey. Now I'm just fatigued from caring.

Christopher2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

***I think what Septic is saying is we should see ours and other's Trust Rank and also view exactly who is down voting our comments. ***

That only leads to additional focus on individuals and talking about people and calling them out. Exact opposite of what we want people to focus on when communicating on N4G. We already have a huge issue with people focusing on other people rather than discussing the topic and opinions.

***I've heard a lot about this open zone malarkey though.***

Sadly, open zone will not be coming back. But, it was just for people to troll without ruining discussion, not to curse and say other things against the terms of use :P

Gazondaily2134d ago

Ah crap. I was thinking it was like a digital version of The Purge. Anthrax preorder cancelled

Pogmathoin2131d ago

Trust rank is false when you have a group who back each other up, no matter how wrong or vile they are.... Like, whos policing the police....

steve30x2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

@ Christopher. the open zone was brilliant when it was there. That way us who were properly debating and chatting got on without without fear of losing bubbles because some people did not like what you said and marked you down just for that. When the open Zone was removed all real debates and chats were destroyed. I don't post a comment or replay near as often as I used because of this.

In more than one occasion I posted something on here and backed it up with facts only for people to vote to bubble down me.

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georgenancy2134d ago

its simple really,the xbox supporters with the most bubbles stay away from playstation articles
Look at christoculus,the guy used to comment on every article and because of that he had not more than 3 bubbles.He stuck to xbox articles and voila they guy has like 10bubbles.
Likewise if you are a known playstation supporter and you comment on any xbox related stuff you'll be constantly bubbled down for trolling even if you weren't actually troliing

Rookie_Monster2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Examples of "known playstation supporter and you comment on any xbox related stuff you'll be constantly bubbled down for trolling even if you weren't actually troliing" please. I WANT to see it as I haven't seen it thus far.

Every xbox articles I've been to, PS suporter comments are marked as "trolled" wholeheartedly deserved to be marked.

georgenancy2134d ago

@Rookie_Monster you joined the site in 13 March 2015,need i say more
go look at old articles especially around the time ps4 and xbox one were being released and you'll see just that

freshslicepizza2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

ok i find this very interesting. i have no idea who gangsta_red is or what his background is but i imagine his history disrupts a certain group who are on the lookout for what he says. i can tell because looking at his comment itself seems honest enough,

"Let's hope for some co-op campaigns for this game."

at face value nothing seems out of the ordinary. some people do like to play co-op. so what exactly is the issue? my guess, again i don't want to read his profile because i want to be open about it, is the intention of that comment. is he saying it just because it doesn't have it? is he actually interested in the game in the first place or is it he doesn't care either way and is just highlighting that the game doesn't have it? kind of like a stealth troll.

this is the real issue here on n4g i have found. personal games going on in the background. we are a divided community based on preferences and take certain comments personal even though i doubt anyone here had any involvement with the creation of the games or the system they reside on. so why is anyone taking comments personal to begin with? that in itself opens up an even bigger issue which is a trolling tactic to somehow remove a persons enjoyment or excitement for a product because they don't want it. it is a entirely selfish way to be.

my suggestion to all of this is to somehow have icons next to members names. an icon might be a playstation logo so that the community knows they are playstation fans. this in itself removes part of the equation. if they have a habit of speaking negative in xbox articles they become ineligible to even post in them. this takes away even the possibility of trolling. why is this important? because trolling a lot of times is done for the sole purpose of getting a reaction and i've seen time and again threads go sideways all because of one comment. they know it which is why they keep doing it. lowering the bubbles doesn't really help. what should help is push people to where they should be interested. why are xbox fans trolling playstation articles or sony fans doing the same in xbox articles? they are after all the biggest impact of the trolling here on this site, those two camps.

so if you have no intention of ever saying anything good why bother? but then you get into other areas like myself. i am interested in both the xbox one and ps4 but if you say anything negative you get a label attached. which means the community is already on high alert and very protective. so how do you change that so that you acn still have rational debate even if there are major disagreements?

rainslacker2127d ago

Some members get reputations for always being overly critical or over positive towards certain platforms, so over time, everything they say is viewed as a troll.

Even if only 1 in 4 comments is actually trolling...possibly not even intentional trolling but actual feelings that aren't fleshed out properly, it's hard to shake that reputation among those who frequent the site and comment sections.

It's a shame, because people I've had strong words with I see make very valid and reasonable arguments, but due to my own reputation, and past run ins with calling them out on previous comments, it's hard to discuss such things with these people that we have run ins with.

So basically, for some of the more frequent comment section participants, everything is approached while on the defensive.

I'm guilty of this, gangsta, septic, you, and most other people who's names we recognize, even though many of these same people actually are intelligent enough to make smart, informed, and interesting arguments.

The true trolls do seem to get the least bubbles, so outside of some instances, things tend to work themselves out. Unfortunately, those one bubble trolls are also the ones that many of us intelligent, reasonable types reply to in long running threads, where everyone ends up going at each other...which derails the entire comment section most of the time because they tend to be at the very top.

"so if you have no intention of ever saying anything good why bother?"

I know this wasn't directed at me, but over the past month or so, between work, a home remodel, and looking into starting my own business, I've taken a step away from N4G comment sections. I still come in to check the daily news, but stay away from the opinion articles for the most part. I've found that despite not being as active with the community, I'm actually enjoying gaming more like I used to. The vile toxicity which tended to aggravate me about the gaming community has pretty much vanished, and when I do read comment sections I can be a bit more level-headed when addressing comments and looking at them with a more impartial light and consider the context of the comment, and not the person who made it...although that is sometimes still a factor. If something really bugs me though, I just move on. I just kind of got to the point where I felt it didn't matter what I said, so now I just look for interesting comments if I care to socialize.:)

freshslicepizza2127d ago


good points, thanks for that. you probably did what a lot of us should and that is step away more as there is definitely a toxicity to many here. i imagine the vast majority of people here are decent if you get them away from the podium and actually got to know them.

memots2134d ago

oooohh the irony. Went from 2 to 8 bubbles magically and is defending here..

steve30x2133d ago

Why in gods name was that marked as trolling. I see this kind of rubbish all too often on this site.

IamTylerDurden12128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

@ gangstared

I got marked for trolling bc i said i thought that Crackdown 3 would be better suited as a mp game, it happens.

Also, i find that more xbox fans have far more bubbles than Sony fans, take a look around this very comments section. I wonder why we have opposing viewpoints?

Some of the more extreme fans have 10 bubbles, it's quite astonishing.

@ moldybread

Ru insinuating that gangstared was unfairly maligned? He has 8 bubbles.

memots2128d ago

like you said "Some of the more extreme fans have 10 bubbles, it's quite astonishing. "

exactly like gangsta red have you read his history ?
He went from 2 to 8 magically..

rainslacker2127d ago

There was that whole bubble bump a couple months ago before E3 where many members went from 3-5 bubbles to 8-10, so it's not all just because they have some cabal running to increase their bubbles.

I'm not even sure that is possible since I believe mods have the ultimate say on if a member gets bubbles. I've had bubble increase votes marked on my comments in the past, yet they stayed the same for a very long time, which leads me to believe that it's just a matter of if the mods happen to notice it and apply the vote.

It's possible with the pending dissolution of the bubble system, the mods just aren't down-bubbling as much anymore because there is no point. I know some of the members that got a ton of bubbles with that last bump have been hideous trolls since then, and their bubbles remained the same.

Gangsta himself seems to bounce back and forth between troll and reasonable poster, which may be why he isn't seen as a complete and irreconcilable troll.

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MCTJim2134d ago

well, I do agree with what you wrote on some level or another, my solution is the ones that are directly trolling and constantly troll should just be banned period. Its not hard, I'm sure the mod tolls on here have a little button to ban people.

JoeReno2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

Or what about just removing the final bubble. It might not stop the abuse or trolling but the ones that have lost the last one can only read the news.They can't up or down vote comments or add to the discussion. It's pretty much what I do. I comment every now and again, but not too often.

They anything goes section when I first joined was brutal, sometimes funny as hell, but brutal.