Sony Had Long and Intensive Discussions Over Horizon: Zero Dawn

Push Square: "Horizon: Zero Dawn has paid off in every possible way for Sony: the game won multiple E3 2015 awards – including one from us – and has shot straight to the top of the pile of many peoples' most anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusives list. But it's been a long and arduous ride up until this point, with SCEE president Jim Ryan admitting that the business discussions regarding games such as this are "long and intensive" considering the serious financial risks at play."

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gangsta_red1228d ago ShowReplies(11)
medman1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Day Zero, even!! My number one for 2016!!! Can't wait to see what Quantic Dream, Santa Monica, Polyphony, and Sucker Punch are working on....

SolidGear31228d ago

Don't forget Sony Bend as well!

nucky641228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I'm super stoked for this to be sure. but I'm equally excited for uncharted4.....and you know miyazaki is gonna deliver with darksouls3!

out of the 3, I'd put horizon first because it's a new IP.

Aloy-Boyfriend1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Please give GG all the resources they need in order to meet expectations for this game. There's tons of potential here. What they already showed has been paying off quite nicely. I'm confident They will do a good job. They are capable devs, and making something new gives them mlre chances to grow as developers and take back their reputation since Killzone 2

scark921228d ago

Will we see the gameplay footage that was shown at Gamescom?

Forn1228d ago

It was basically just the E3 demo, though probably along with a little more in-depth discussion from the devs on mechanics, gameplay, etc. I'm sure they'll be showing some sweet new stuff from it during Paris Games Week.

Majin-vegeta1228d ago

I'm glad Sony caved in and let them do it.Game has gotten nothing but a warm reception from gamers all around.If the game does pay off I hope Sony will allow GG to experiment with other ideas.While GC churns out some more Killzone ^~^.