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Reminder: November N4G Rewards

Hello everyone.

Wanted to remind people that the November N4G Rewards -- https://n4g.com/user/blogpo... -- is still happening throughout the month and you can be entered to win a PS5 Slim simply by commenting, contributing stories, and helping to report and approve submissions throughout the month as a random winner will be selected from the the top 100 users of the month, which you can see at https://n4g.com/users/top .

To once again cover some questions from our last blog post:

* It's for top November, not all time
* We'll prevent people from spamming their way to the top
* This is open to anyone from anywhere that packages can be shipped
* There are plans for more N4G Rewards going forward with different prizes
* This is for the community, not open to BGFG members or their families
* If you search for "do a barrel roll" on Google, it will do a barrel roll.

OtterX22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I really encourage people to get involved in Contributor activities. Don't see the kind of stories you like? Not enough XBox articles for you? Post them! (as long as they follow the guidelines)

I was unranked when this competition was first announced, bc of a site hiatus. I'm now #15 within a week, and it didn't take spamming. Only helpful contributions to the newsfeed, approving articles, and yea a handful of comments here and there. Contributor activities will get you leveled faster than anything!

Truth is, I want to see N4G grow again. Having more people contribute only helps that, and doesn't hurt my chances at winning the competition any more than it would if I stayed quiet, without encouraging others. (as long as I remain within the Top 100)

Best of luck everyone.

Kurisu21d ago

* If you search for "do a barrel roll" on Google, it will do a barrel roll.

^ Oh wow, it actually does haha.

Good luck to everyone with the competition!

I'm not as active in the comments as I used to be, but this has always been my go to site for any gaming news.

Tal16921d ago

OtterX, thank you. We all want N4G to grow and thrive. There's a ton of great people on here so we're trying to build it back up sustainably and reward the community who get behind it. The more we can encourage people coming back, the less reliance on things like ads :) Looking forward to sharing more N4G rewards updates soon

OtterX21d ago

Less ad reliance sounds great, I can get behind that. :)

21d ago
Profchaos21d ago

I tend to agree but I've had admins issue me ban warnings for submissions with what they claim as incorrect tagging or other arbitrary reasons so it seems risky to submit without 100 percent certainty

OtterX21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I think most of the time, Mods or Contributors will just flag a submission for fixing if there are tagging errors. I'd think (or hope) that formal warnings would only come if it's a continual, every day problem w a particular user.

I can only remember one formal warning and temp suspension of Contributor duties I got for accidentally approving an article that did not meet all of the posting guidelines. It was just a mistake of glancing over something too quick. That was many years ago though, and usually nowadays I just see Mods flag or fail posts that don't meet guidelines.

But yea, I'd hope that Moderation would be withheld except for trolling and intentional abuse. N4G numbers are dwindling, we need more participation.

Profchaos21d ago

Thanks and I really want to see growth or sustained number at least I've been coming to the site since the very early days I think it was in that transition between the 6th and 7th gen anyhow I'm checking in multiple times a day and have noticed a slump that I hope we can come out of

coolbeans7d ago

-"I can only remember one formal warning and temp suspension of Contributor duties I got for accidentally approving an article that did not meet all of the posting guidelines. It was just a mistake of glancing over something too quick."

I mean... the whole point of the warning system is to course-correct for those errors. Even if they're just brief lapses of judgment, you took on the Contributor role so there's some responsibility that comes with it. I'd agree that temp suspension on the first error would be a bit too much though.

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darthv7221d ago

wow... I'm 17th. those are rookie numbers. I need to get those numbers up.

Notellin21d ago ShowReplies(3)
15d ago
gold_drake8d ago

i would definitely post articles, cause i live in europe and most news are faster here due to the tkmezone.

but ... i dunno, i dont wanna make a mistake etc haha

-Foxtrot7d ago

Oh yeah if you f*** up the submission stuff or accidentally approve someone else’s article which has something wrong with it you honestly just didn’t spot you will be crucified for it…warned then suspended for a few days from submitting articles

So for me it’s just like….”shit, not worth the hassle, I’ll just approve what I can every so often”

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