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N4G Contest - Day 16: Who Hasn't Delivered

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Congratulations to IamTylerDurden1, our fifteenth day winner and proving that you can win multiple times if you offer up the necessary sacrifice to RNGesus.


On the sixteenth day, the question we have for you is "What developer has been the worst at delivering on their promises this generation?"

Now, the trick to this question is that it's not the publisher, it's what developer. There's a massive difference in those. EA, for example, is a horrible publisher that affects many of their games and have led to failures of many types recently. But, that's from a publisher standpoint, not from the actions of the developers directly. Additionally, this question is made harder because many bad development studios are not gone (I mean, BossKey Productions is now gone thanks to poor management and chasing fads rather than passion).

My answer right now, and thinking of mainly major studios, is going to have to be Gearbox Software.

Sure, Borderlands is great, but it's also been six years. There's less time between the release of GTAV and RDR2 than Borderlands 2 and whatever is supposed to come next.

But, let's look at their other offerings. From the ever-so-stellar Aliens: Colonial Marines job to the poorly thought out and online-required but solo-able Battleborn. Both failed for different reasons, but were poorly received in general. And that's what they have to show for since 2012. That's it.

For a company of their caliber, they have disappointed by only saying they're working on a new Duke Nukem game since 2015, haven't really said anything about their most popular franchise, and there's supposedly a Brother's In Arms game coming that no one knows about?

Other than that, the company has shifted mostly into a role of publishing other studio titles or posting golden key codes on Twitter each week for Borderlands 2.

So, they went from making good games to doing nothing of note unless you're into playing 6-year-old games in VR. There's no reason they would be taking this long to develop something that they couldn't show by now.

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TheGoodestBoi35d ago

I'd say Gearbox too. No borderlands this gen and giving us the dumpster fire Battleborn instead

Last_Boss35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Keiji Inafune of Comcept!!!

mkis00735d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Todd Howard/ Bethesda. The man straight up lies on video and people keep buying his crap. They are the buggiest games out there and they always move on without fixing all the problems. Case in point: Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 have the same bugs.

UltraNova35d ago

Bethesda Studios. Fallout 4 and F76 are games we'd expect to see back in the ps3/360 era not current gen. Not only graphics-wise but the games quality as well, from bugs to frame rate to sub par storylines to none at all, all the way to the amount of content on release day. No other developer has been more underachieving this gen in my opinion.