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N4G Contest - Day 13: Who is Underrated

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Congratulations to Chris092, our twelfth day winner!


On the thirtenth day, the question we have for you (and it's the right title to the question even!) is "Who do you think is the most underrated game designer?"

Mine is simple, Erik Wolpaw. What you don't know him? Oh, let's list some of the games he's been a part of: Psychonauts (attributed to mostly Tim), Half-Life 1 and 2, and Portal (all of those attributed to primarily Gabe/Valve).

He has created stories we loved and that have won awards if not years of requests for a complete trilogy. But, you won't see him mentioned like others and is usually only in the spotlight when standing next to more well known names.

Look for more of his work with Psychonauts 2, though.

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Segata38d ago

Ralph Baer. Fewer and fewer people even know who he is. He created Pong and the first console. When I walk into a game store and even retro gamers I talked to never heard of him, they just think Atari created games. WTF!? For real!? If the man who invented games is no longer a household name then how is he not the most underrated?

Cikatriz_ESP38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Easy. It’s Remedy.

They got away with an action/horror game where you’re a flashlight-wielding writer who gathers batteries like they’re ammunition, and somehow the whole thing was more magical and creative than it had any right to be. Sure, they’re loved by critics and “hardcore” gamers, but they’re still way under the mainstream’s radar, and that’s one of the biggest injustices in modern gaming.

monkey60238d ago

Alan Wake was incredible and I held Remedey in such high regard. Until Quantum Break happened, I was hugely dissapointed in that. I'd have chalked it up to a misfire and given them the benefit of the doubt but Control looks to be the same.

annoyedgamer38d ago

Boy Alan Wake was a dream. Im so dissapointed in Remedy with their latest stuff.


Most underrated FPS game ever to me personally is Killzone 2, we really need a remake of that game with the same heavy online controls. Or if not a remake a new Killzone game with Killzone 2 style of controls and online.

annoyedgamer38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

We are listing designers not single titles.

Jorjk38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Supergiant games : pyre transistor

IamTylerDurden137d ago (Edited 37d ago )

You stole my choice, i'll pick another but i will support your pick right now.

4a games is vastly underrated. I originally played Metro 2033 on my 360 and i was floored by one of the most atmospheric FPS games of all-time. 2033 was made on a budget, but with the bankruptcy of THQ during the development of Last Light the conditions that game was made under are legendary. Deep Silver took over publishing, but apparently did little to support 4A and instead pushed them to add mp and co op while the team worked on an indie budget in an office that wouldn't suit a 12th grade GameMaker class. Then, during the development of Redux they were forced to smuggle PS4/XB1 dev kits into a war torn Ukraine and work under terrible conditions. With all that every game was excellent, with Redux being among the best remasters this gen.

4A made every game with a fraction of the budget that others get, they never had a truly supportive publisher, and their working conditions were barbaric. If these guys ever get a publisher like Sony behind them we will really see what they can do, but for now Exodus appears to be their most supported title yet and i for one am excited.