CCP on the death of subscription MMOs: “It’s simply not the case”

PCG:We’ve been talking to EVE Online senior producer, John Lander, about the decline in subscription-funded gaming. In the past year the free-to-play model has dominated the PC MMO market but, as John mentions in the video, CCP have never considered it a viable option for their massively multiplayer space opera.

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NYC_Gamer2360d ago

I agree,both models of MMOs can exist on the market....

ATi_Elite2360d ago

If you have a Super quality game like Eve Online or WoW then by all means you can easily charge a subscription.

Subscription MMO's can only be done by dedicated Pubs/Devs who have decided that AAA+ quality and content will constantly be provided and are looking to create a Gaming Experience more than just a buck.

If your in it just to make a buck then Play4Free is your model.

But overall they both can Co-Exist! I like Subscript model on serious dedicated games cause for the most part it keeps the jerks, N0obs, and Morons out!

negroguy2360d ago

I agree but I am intrigued to try TERA. Didn't get into the BETA but from the videos it looks fun. Being able to actually control if u get hit or not seems enticing.