CCP London's Game Is a Genre-Defining, Hugely Ambitious EVE-Based Shooter, Says Dev

Adrian Blunt, the new Head of Studio at CCP London, talked about their upcoming shooter game set in the world of EVE as 'genre-defining' and 'highly ambitious'.

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ApocalypseShadow287d ago

These guys abandoned Eve Valkyrie VR because of launch sales when it was their fault for releasing a micro transaction filled online shooting game. All they had to do was make a great Colony Wars type single player space game with online multiplayer. Nope. And made no single player for Sparc and the very reason I didn't buy it. And Gunjack was just a cash grab piece of junk. Wasn't even worth the the $3 I paid when it was on sale.

Steering clear of their games. They have not proven themselves to me at all.