CES 2008: Video: MGS4 Insertion Point Firefight on PS3

A new near three-minute video that introduces Old Snake to the battlefield in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. In the video, Snake is warned by Otacon to avoid enemies and subsequently ends up in a firefight on the ground.

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Capt CHAOS3938d ago

Graphics look great but shame about the video quality.

HarryEtTubMan3938d ago

You can... u can play the whole game in First person is u want... but also from a Uncharted/Graw 2 over the shoulder angle and than ur typical adventure/stealth angles where u can see all around u.

TANOD3938d ago

chill out.

you would get everything you want

you are talking about the 2nd biggest GAME of THIS ERA after FF13

sonarus3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

kojima went all out on msg4 if they hit 60fps and 1080p that would jst complete the whole epic. ABility to switch between your mode of preference will be appreciated by the more casual mgs players but most die hard fans will maintain the default view. I hope the starter pack will have dwnloadable content via ps store to add more maps and weapons e.t.c. MGS4 is by far my most anticipated game followed by GT5 not so much GTA. GTA is a great game and probably has the largest replay value for any game i have ever played but for some reason it jst dosent get me as excited as mgs4 or GT5. I will definetly be getting GTA but i dnt see my self playing it as much as mgs4 or gt5 but i will probably be playing GTA4 longer though

Regret3938d ago

In MGS3 you couldn't walk in FPS view. Same in fourth? I'll use guns just to try them, stealth all the way.

Kleptic3938d ago

it was said at E3 last year that the entire game could be played in a fp view, and "that fans of fps games should do this"...straight from the man himself...

it is available, but it seems clumsy and much slower so far compared to the regular MGS views...but yeah the fixed TPS view sounds awesome too...there will probably be instances where 1 of the 3 views will be ideal for the situation, hopefully at least...

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Iamback3938d ago

Looks incredible but awful player doesnt know what he is doing. Running into walls....

stuntman_mike3938d ago

yeah theres nothing worse than seeing someone playing a game badly to put you off (not that im put off by mgs4).

cant wait for this game should be getting my 1080p tv around the same time this game comes out.

InYourMom3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Wasn't the PS3 droids calling Gears of War, Greys of War and all for lack of color.. This game looks like one of the most washed out games ever made. I really hope there is more environments.

And I can tell by all the gameplay videos I've seen that the controls are not very good. Everyone seems to be struggling to do anything in the game.

EDIT: @5.1 "I haven't PS3 in my dreams" eh? You haven't spellcheck/grammer in your awake. Please, if you are going to try and burn someone please learn how to type the language properly first.

@5.2: I have seen Kojima play and yes the guy who actually developed the game can play it.. WOW, real impressive. Maybe he will buy all million copies of it since he seems to be the only one who can make sense of the convoluted controls.

Rental. And before you start calling me a 360 fanboy I have a PS3 360 and Wii

Cartesian3D3938d ago

this level is in Middle east.. what do u expect?..needless to say

inyourmom u will see this game in your dreams.. but u cant play it .. because u havent PS3 in your dreams..

HeartlesskizZ3938d ago

go back and look at the video where gameplay was first was played by a kojima worker and you don't see him running like an idiot do ya?

calis3938d ago

I have no doubt what is being shown is very little of the first part of the game (which is normal for Kojima). I have seen two parts in videos which suggest the game will move out from the Middle East eventually.

- One of the Metal Gears comes out of Water (driven by Liquid Ocelot)
- Snake is air lifted out, as is Liquid eventually.

As for the worries yesterday this is turning into a shooter, I think Kojima has made a brilliant move by making this possible to be played in both modes. Stealth and FPS pending your preference.

DarkSniper3938d ago

Inyourmom has provided the N4G community and all Sony Snipers in particular with another uninformative, flamebaiting post. His intent is to solely amplify the tempers of each and every one of you Sony Snipers worldwide.

Please silence Inyourmom by reducing his bubble count and reporting this particular post as spam. With your help, you can make N4G a better community.


HeartlesskizZ3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

is been said countless times that the demo we been seeing is only the first 15 minutes of the game..where Snake goes to M.E to check if the rumor(Liquid Snake being there) is true...
which it is but then gets away when a chopper picks him up on way to who knows I guess Snake fails to kill him in his first attempt and then all the action begin...

InYourMom3938d ago

You would try and report this as SPAM and reduce my bubbles because you don't want to hear anyone else's opinion but YOUR's and your ficticious Dark Snipers.

At least I was actually commenting on the article/game instead of just trying a lame flame on someone.

Yes, you Sony droids love to use the Report and Bubble system to censor anyone who doesn't follow your viewpoints.

Omegasyde3938d ago

Stop lying to preserve your bubbles. I can't believe you think this game is washed out and only a 360 fanboy would say such things.

Nice try at preserving your bubbles but in the end you came out as pathetic fanboy trying to disguise your true intention.

Its better to just stat from ps3 articles and let ps3 fans comment and vica versa for 360 game related topics.

HarryEtTubMan3938d ago

Inyour MOM YOU ARE CKING GAY AS H3LL. SHUT NUP OR ALL UR JEALOUS COMMENTS WILL BE REPORTED AS SPAM. You are a flaming Homo and your crppy defective system is not as good as the PS3. GET OVER IT Kiddie poo.

vickers5003938d ago

I'm tired of seeing your words. Ignored.

Dark Sniper3938d ago

On second thought, Dark Sniper agrees with InYourMom and gives him credit for having the courage to speak the truth on N4G. His accurate description of the eagerly awaited MGS4 will no doubt change gamers' opinions and expectations of this alleged-AAA title. Hopefully Sony will take their time and develop it properly, and make sure that this game will indeed be a system seller, and not another disappointment like Lair, or many other games on the PLAYSTATION® 3 system.


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