5 Biggest Flops in Video Game History

The term 'hit or miss' is something familiar within the gaming industry, as the fast moving world of video games sees a lot of failed and unsuccessful attempts at trying something new. MyGaming have a look at the top 5 biggest flops in gaming history.

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zeal0us3344d ago

I heard E.T was one of the reasons for the Video game crash in 1983.

helghast1023343d ago

It was a major contributing factor.

morganfell3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

If Daikatana had come out on schedule, then Romero would have been hailed as a genius despite his attitude.

Maybe the writer keeps putting this game on such lists because he wasn't old enough himself to remember what occurred and the state of gaming at that time. It seems his point of reference lacks the nuance of someone that was actually a core gamer before Daikatana was announced.

Daikatana failed because of release date. People that actually play the game now may lambaste it. But had they been a gamer in that era and played the full game on the day it was originally supposed to have released, rather than when it did come out, matters of discussion concerning Romero and Daikatana would have been much different today.

EDIT: Reference this remark in the article discussing Messiah,

"The PC debut sold so poorly the console versions were scrapped, and you all forgot about it until just now."

If a flop is out of mind until someone brings it up then it wasn't that big of a flop. There are several items in gaming that took a much bigger dive than Messiah and they require no reminder of their failure.

Also Messiah featured a ground breaking mechanic that has been used in several titles since it appeared in that game. Again, it seems as if the writer wasn't old enough to sit at the gaming table when this title appeared...either.

thebudgetgamer3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

It was a lot more than that. There was no such thing as quality control back in those day and anyone could makes a game and release it, that lead to a flood of mediocre and just bad games.

This will explain better.

Knightofelemia3343d ago

Surprised Duke Nukem Foreveer is not on that list.

Saladfax3343d ago

Ah... poor Tim Schafer. He and his people are so talented in so many ways. So many great, completely obscure games.

It's really good he was able to get things going with Kickstarter. Hopefully the end result will be worthwhile.

InTheLab3343d ago

Poor Dreamcast. Such an innovative console.

3 games every Dreamcast owner owned...

Power Stone
Soul Blade

Too bad Shenmue tanked and Sega made a poor decision to make Shenmue 2 for the dying Xbox and dead Dreamcast. Probably why we don't have Shenmue 3.

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