Psychonauts Remaster or Remake Possible Someday

A Psychonauts Remaster or Remake may be possible someday according to Tim Schafer during a press chat with the developers ahead of Psychonauts 2.

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gamer780474d ago

Just need brutal legend 2 :)

spdarksky74d ago

Loved the original Psychonauts, the visual style makes it survive the test of time.

Looking forward for either remaster or remake with the latest engine if they did make them.

Ratchet7574d ago (Edited 74d ago )

One of the most original games I have ever played back on my ps2
The VR game Psychonauts Rondo of ruins was great too.
I would love a VR version of the first one.

Z23ash74d ago

I’d be happy with a hd upscale version that gets some achievements. Would rather they put time into new games then fully remastering

strifeblade73d ago

Try it on the series x. The graphics are sharpened up. It's HD enhanced

Z23ash73d ago

Nice I will do! It’s sat waiting to be replayed before 2 comes out! Just wish they would add achievements as they added trophies to the ps4 version

strifeblade73d ago

Heard Sony patented putting achievements of old games so Xbox can't do it

No Way73d ago

Not that I care, either way, but that sounds like a very stupid thing to patent.. and if MS has achievements compared to trophies, it seems as if they could "do it differently."

Idk, but thats a stupid patent.

silkylove74d ago

This is definitely needed. The original is great but the textures are very muddy.