Molyneux: "I don't know if I can make another controller game"

"Going back to that very constrained controller, I'm not sure I will want to."


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dirigiblebill2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

22Cans iOS game confirmed...? He's already said Microsoft's not the publisher, I think.

Hisiru2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

This guy is a lunatic. He always scares me with the "I AM MAKING THE PERFECT GAME THIS TIME" thing.

TekoIie2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Lol Hes was totally being paid by M$ tho to say that:

"I don't know if I can make another controller game"


BossPerson2374d ago

Yea Peter, Im sure Kinect has so much more possibilities???

BakedGoods2374d ago

"I don't know if I can play another Molyneux game"

Cryptcuzz2374d ago

"I don't know if Molyneux exists anymore"

This guy talks more then he makes games.

This guy can never live up to his own words.

Is he a developer or tool for marketing...that is thee question.

The Meerkat2374d ago

All his best games used a mouse.

xruiner892374d ago

Very true, as soon as he started developing stuff for consoles everything went downhill.

Dlacy13g2374d ago

disagree... Fable was a good first offering... Fable 2 fell short but was solid... Fable 3 was a few steps backwards imo... but the Fable IP is solid and an excellent fantasy setting.

xruiner892374d ago

Yes that's what i mean, Fable 1 was okay and it went downhill.

ziggurcat2374d ago

so instead of using a controller, he's going to stick with games that are on rails, and then try to argue that they're not on rails...

Crap_Turtle2374d ago

Hes a big a joke as inafune is

And when fable journey bombs out, he will say as he always does

I dont mean it

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The story is too old to be commented.