Get 50% Extra Trade In Credit When Trading Towards Recycled Games At Gamestop

Starting tomorrow, April 20th, and running until April 28th, EB Games/Gamestop Canada is currently running a trade in promotion that allows you to get an extra 50% trade in credit when trading any game towards a recycled game.

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kreate2794d ago

i know ur all about gamestop's 50% extra store credit but outside of a few new released games, i think that 50% just sounds good.

8 dollar becomez 12 bucks...... most mid/high ranged games are about this price. meaning 30-40 dollar games.

gamestop use to be a lot better but over the years they lowered the trade in value becuz of the few people who taken advantage of certain gamestop's promotions.

i still trade things in gamestop but im very careful. most of the time, best buy gives better trade in value.

cag, goozex, gamefly rocks when it comes to used games.