'No one comes in anymore': GameStop manager says company has started layoffs

A GameStop employee shares just how slow working at the videogame store is amid the onslaught of tech layoffs across the country.

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jambola99d ago

You mean nobody wants to come in and look at 10% games and 90% funko pops? madness

ApocalypseShadow99d ago


They're also unwelcoming as a game store to make it fun. Not like previous places like game crazy, funco land, software etc, electronics boutique, etc. Killed demo units where gamers could try games, have tournaments to win prizes, discounts, overemphasis on car salesman nonsense, barely any classic games and systems, no excitement.

I don't want them to close. Or employees to lose jobs. Just change the format.

jambola98d ago

Ever since it became GameStop plus it's all been downhill

blackblades98d ago

We have 2 gamestop and a shut down eb games which was own by it. Thats where i use to go but gamestop aint that bad. Mine as a demo units in the front like always. I bought a nice overwatch hat that always wear. I wouldnt buy any games from there cause i know how to get cheaper games under $20 hell 3cent the lowest. I'll go in just to look around and kill time. People seem to always be in there. Strip mall by the way dont know about the inside mall probably the same the last time I went.

After10Ben98d ago

Spot on. I don't come in because I don't want to answer no to the twenty questions I am asked. "Do you want to buy this? Preorder that? Want a subscription to this?" I can't buy a game at Gamestop without having to say no at least three times. I like the store, but do not like the format,

ActualWhiteMan98d ago

Former GameCrazy manager here. I’m honestly shocked GS made it this far. After they took away the used games discount with the membership I knew it was the beginning of the end. GameStop has always had a shitty vibe tbh. GameCrazy was a fun place to shop, and work. Too bad Hollywood Video was a cancer and we couldn’t break away fast enough.

SurgicalMenace98d ago

Yeah, I was a senior director of Game Crazy for 5 1/2 years, and those were some of the best years of my life. GS never had that welcome home quality to them, so I turned down their offer for Regional Diretor after GC closed in 2010. They've always had the most toxic environment of all the gaming retailers. I often go there to troll when I have free time, but that's about it now a days.

SurgicalMenace98d ago (Edited 98d ago )


Yeah, the Joe Mallugen effect put the nail in the coffin of GC. After 2008, it all went downhill. Promotion freezes, commission cuts, and reduced discounts for customers was the writing on the wall. What region did you manage?

TheEnigma31398d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I loved funcoland. Gamestop came and bought up all the competition back in the day smh. They were never the same since.

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Ethereal99d ago

I couldn't agree more. The last time I was in there they were in the process of turning the store into a PC building center. The physical game sections just keep getting smaller and smaller.

JEECE98d ago

I was in one about a week ago for the first time in about 6 years. I was trying to buy Mario Golf on Switch (I am all digital and have been for years but this was a present for someone who likes physical games still). Target's game section was pathetic and they didn't have it, so I went to the nearby GameStop and it was just depressing. A bunch of Funko pops and a bunch of licensed shirts that looked like things that hot topic would have sold in like 2008. And of course, they didn't even have Mario Golf.

Knushwood Butt98d ago

That punchline made me laugh.

dumahim98d ago

It means I don't want to go in to a store with a high chance of dealing with power tripping assholes behind the counter.

S2Killinit98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Well soon we will no longer have physical video games stores after Gamestop leaves the scene. It will be big chains or online stores.

Vizigoth0498d ago

They’ll be going the way of FYE before too long. Used to go to FYE to buy CDs but what used to be a massive selection of games have been reduced down to an end cap and the rest of the store is Funko Pop clothese and Merch. This is the reality of the digital world taking dominance.

1Victor98d ago

@jambola or sell a game for $5 and see it sold used for $5 less than new 😡

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mandf99d ago

I warned you gamestop years ago stop pestering about pre-orders and other crap I didn't ask for. Sell me the game and shut up.

Terry_B99d ago

Yeah..the one in my city closed last year as well.

XiNatsuDragnel99d ago

Just focus on games and just downsize imo.

Bathory66699d ago

Gamestop is a horrible company. Poor trade in values, overpriced everything and their rewards program is no longer good.

gleepot98d ago

Everything is prices according to MSRP? Their prices for games are the same as other places. Their reward program seems fine to me. Trade ins definitely suck, though.

gleepot98d ago

also let me clarify, they are absolutely garbage as a company and I won't be too sad if they close down and they treat their employees terribly