GameStop Posts First Profitable Quarter in Two Years

GameStop posted a profit of $48.2 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2022, marking it its first profitable quarter in two years.

OtterX73d ago

Funko Pop sales must be up.

cammers199572d ago

I feel like every GameStop I've been in they have more collectibles, clothing, posters, funkos, etc than video games. They should change their name. Barely about video games there anymore. They seem to be a hot topic or box lunch rip off but with video games added.

OtterX72d ago (Edited 72d ago )


What I hate the most is remembering all the smaller shops and competitors they gobbled up, killed off, only for this to become the fate. I ASM'ed first an EB Games during the buyout, then 2 different Gamestops 18 years back. Despite my disdain for the buyout, I still wanted to see them succeed, in memory of EB. We were less pushy & were allowed to be more genuine with customers I felt. I don't want to see Gamestop continue on like this though. You hit the nail on the head w the Hot Topic comparison. I'd rather just see it die off than continue off as a novelty and tchotchke store.